promising blockchain project?

promising blockchain project?

Updated on October 12, 2022 at 11:20 am.

Today, although blockchains have come a long way in innovation, the cryptocurrency world is still plagued by security hazards. Aptos crypto is a project that highlights this feature. For 3 years this blockchain has been developed and many NFT projects as well as simple tokens are built on it. What are the technical features that set it apart from so many others? And why is it so promising?

Aptos crypto, a project that wants to overtake Diem on Facebook

Aptos Labs is a Tier 1 blockchain that has been under development for 3 years by a team of over 350 developers and engineers from the Diem team. This means that these technicians bring their knowledge of innovation and construction to Aptos. Built with a new programming language, Move, the same as Diem, it offers many innovations.

This year, the project raised $200 million for the first time, then $150 million for the second time in July, for a total 350 million dollarsmaintained by the exchange FTX.

But then why is this a “promising” project?

What are the advantages?

Primarily, its unmatched speed. Indeed, the Move language (used by Facebook’s Diem project) made it possible to develop the ability to perform 130,000 TPS (transactions per second).

In comparison, the Ethereum network can run at 30 TPS, the difference is really excessive. This feat would also be caused by parallel execution process. In theory, this process is faster than serial execution. Therefore, transaction fees are greatly reduced for users.

Infographic - Panckaswap - Crypto BNB

In fact, Aptos Crypto uses a multi-chain system. It is the use of multiple blockchains to speed up transactions. To give you an idea of ​​the difference, it’s even faster than the Solana blockchain, which can handle around 3,000 transactions per second!

on the side security, that’s comforting. In fact, developers have devised a smart contract ownership system. For each of the tokens, developers can define ownership rights and benefits, which perfectly counteracts piracy. At the same time, this is one of the criteria that represents the flag of Aptos: security!

Therefore, a hacker who wanted to steal a smart contract simply could not withdraw the liquidity without the consent of the developers.

Other features will make using blockchain fun and fast. In fact, developers will develop the ability to have a public name through your wallet’s public key, which will facilitate the exchange. As a user, you will be able to send funds directly to an address that will be displayed with a name, making the interface much more familiar.

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Already have any Aptos opportunities?

The innovations offered by this new blockchain are already in the sights of the biggest.

The developers are wasting no time. Many projects are being built on Aptos crypto, including Apsocointhe first mem corner of the chain.

Therefore, as an investor, you can be on the lookout for new projects that develop in this new ecosystem, whether they are NFTs or tokens.

Aptos Crypto: APT

It is also possible to “register” for air dropsusing blockchain protocols on testnet and devnet (which is a network used to experiment with new features.

Since the project is under development, the best way to invest long-term right now is to get paid to use the features. You transact, which allows you to be on a list for possible airdrops.

For example, you need to go to the site, interact and transact with a blockchain wallet, among others a martian wallet, on devnet and testnet. You will then need to request funds in APT tokens on a blockchain faucet (currency with no real value) to pay your transaction fees. The advantage of Martian Wallet is that it is already integrated! You can directly have 0.001 APT per request on testnet and 1 APT on devnet.

We can also cut a NFT in testnet on the souffl3 protocol, which is a marketplace for selling NFTs. You should know that currently around 60% of Aptos blockchain transactions come from souffl3!

Finally, it would therefore be interesting to watch the evolution of the Aptos crypto project, which can be presented as a long-term, high-yield investment opportunity. This project could be on the podium at the next competition!

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