Three Crypto Projects That Could Explode in 2023

Three Crypto Projects That Could Explode in 2023


As the fourth quarter of 2022 begins, it becomes interesting to plan the future investments to be made for the coming year. Therefore, in this article, we will explore a selection of the best crypto projects for 2023.


Faced with collective awareness of environmental issues, blockchain solutions are being introduced. Such is the case with the IMPT project, which aims to help companies and individuals reduce their carbon footprint using NFT technology.

One of the main features of the platform is that it offers its users the opportunity to buy carbon credits verified in the form of NFTs, and that too in an easy and fast way. IMPT is thus particularly interesting because the project opens the door to the carbon credit market for non-institutional investors, whereas it was previously reserved for companies.

The IMPT ecosystem works through four main devices that come together to form the entire project. These include a shopping platform, a social platform, an NFT-linked carbon credit functionality, and a carbon trading platform.

The integrated shopping platform is one of the strengths of the IMPT ecosystem. Because of its partnerships with more than 10,000 brands, including giants like An apple Where Microsoftusers can get a discount on their spending before earning IMPT tokens, the project’s native cryptocurrency.

Having tokenized carbon credits in the form of NFTs and by extension integrated with blockchain technology ensures users that there is no problem of fraud or “double spending”, namely manipulation that allows a token to be spent more than once.

IMPT is currently in pre-sale phase since October 3rd and is already showing record results with 90 million tokens sold in less than a week. The presale is divided into several stages, the first of which includes 600 million tokens priced at $0.018. According to the project roadmap, the carbon credit exchange platform should be established in first quarter of 2023.

To learn more, feel free to visit the official project website by clicking on this link.


The now famous Tamadoge (THERE) is a memecoin similar to DOGE and SHIB, but has peculiarities as it also integrates functionalities Play to win and ultimately aims to offer a metauniverse to its users.

The Tamadoge project launched its TAMA token at the end of September on several reputable exchanges. In fact, Tamadoge is included in the list OKX September 27, just over a week ago. The last announcements from TAMA are on LBank and MEXC on October 5th at 11:00 UTC and 13:00 UTC respectively. Additionally, the first dip of the NFT Tamadoge took place on Thursday, October 6th.

Compared to the first stage of the presale, where it was priced at $0.01 per token, Tamadoge’s price has enjoyed an increase of more than 1500%. Note that this pre-sale beta brought in 19 million USDT in just 55 days. Subsequently, 2 million USDT were raised in the next beta phase, which started on July 25th and ended faster than expected in the first week of August.

Users are eagerly awaiting the launch of the game, which is scheduled to launch in late 2022. And then Tamadoge will release its metauniverse as well as a selection of arcade games integrated into its Play to Earn experience throughout 2023.


Now we will explore another crypto project that revolves around the theme of the metaverse and Play to Earn features and that is GALA which may explode in popularity in 2023.

GALA is a platform that offers its users the opportunity to generate revenue in the form of GALA tokens or NFT rewards through their games. Currently the only game available is Town Star, but others like Mirandus or Superior are in development.

The GALA platform and token run on the Ethereum blockchain, but this creates a number of problems for users who are eagerly awaiting the release of a new blockchain on which the platform and the rest of the ecosystem will be based. This new blockchain, called GalaChain, could allow users to benefit from significantly reduced transaction fees.

A true pioneer of Web3 gaming, GALA enjoyed a rapid rise in the month of November 2021 when its token reached its all-time high of €0.6629.

Currently priced at €0.0433, GALA could end up being an interesting investment due to the continuous efforts of the team leading the project, as well as the range of games offered, which will grow in the year 2023.

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