Cryptocurrencies: These Bad Terms to Designate New Assets and Uses

Cryptocurrencies: These Bad Terms to Designate New Assets and Uses

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On the program this Friday, in “21 Million, Your Crypto Coach”:

1 – Do you speak the crypto language? Here is a list of commonly misused expressions

In Web 3 and the new economy emerging around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, many terms have emerged to denote new assets and new uses. But the term used is not always the most appropriate, according to Daniel Villa Monteiro, education manager of the Alyra school, which specializes in blockchain. For example, he suggests talking about an “electronic keychain” rather than an “electronic wallet”, or a “decentralized code” rather than a “smart contract”.

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2 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and forwarded the main events of the last seven days. Stay on top of crypto news by keeping the most important.

Price analysis

And if you haven’t read it yet, here’s what’s in this Tuesday’s newsletter, “21 million, price analysis” :

1 – Vincent Boy Interview

Market analyst at broker IG, Vincent Boy believes that the good performance of the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks should be put into perspective, mainly due to the technical aspects according to him. Rather pessimistically, the expert expects Bitcoin and others to fall to new yearly lows in the coming months, just like equity markets.

2 – Nicolas Gallant’s Technical Analysis

Financial journalist and technical analysis expert at Capital Nicolas Gallant thinks we should expect an increase in Bitcoin volatility soon.

3 – Laurent Albi’s focus on QNT
Next Momentum manager and member of the French Association of Technical Analysts (Afate), Laurent Albi, is this week interested in QNT, the native token of Quant Networks’ IT infrastructure, which offers a decentralized architecture to increase interoperability and communication between existing blockchains. According to the expert, this is a medium-term upward trend.

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