what do we know about the next movie

what do we know about the next movie

The most famous secret agent on the planet turns 60 this Wednesday, October 5th. This anniversary takes on a special dimension because we are at a turning point in James Bond’s career. After five films, Daniel Craig decided to hang up and EON, the company that owns the rights to the character, has promised to reveal the name of the person who will take over this fall.

The name of the next actor who will play James Bond made a lot of noise. There is a list in which, by the way, bookmakers register colossal bets in England. James Bond’s tracks appear to have been dropped, as has that of black actor Idris Elba, who today is considered a little old for the role. We are not immune to surprises, but the tendency is rather to rejuvenate the hero, not forgetting that always, anyone playing 007 must be British or from a Commonwealth country.

Among the considered actors we find Henry Cavillfamous for playing the role of Superman, Tom Hardyseen in the saga Poison at Marvel, Reje Jean-Pagean Anglo-Zimbabwean comedian, therefore mixed race and popularized by the series The Bridgerton Chronicle, Richard Maddencharacter from the series bodyguard, Where Jacob Elordistar of the series euphoria, who seemed to be holding the rope these days.

When can we see the new movie?

Officially the next movie James Bond is not not expected before 2025, knowing that the next 007 takes 10 or 12 years. In the meantime, fans can wait for an auction: the last one was held this weekend for the benefit of a charity association.

Aston Martin, dented as it may be, on Dying can wait I went to 3.2 million dollarsand the Omega watch worn by Daniel Craig in the film sold for €260,000.

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