The Netherlands plans to allocate 23.5 billion euros to limit energy prices

The Netherlands plans to allocate 23.5 billion euros to limit energy prices

This is a dispatch from the Reuters agency, which documents the fact that the Netherlands plans 23.5 billion euros to limit energy prices.

“The Dutch government said on Tuesday it plans to spend around €23.5 billion to cap the price of energy contracts to protect consumers from rising prices.

The government announced the price cap last month, but has yet to decide on the final details. In 2023, prices will be capped at €0.40 per kilowatt-hour of electricity and €1.45 per cubic meter of gas for a maximum of 2,900 kilowatt-hours and 1,200 cubic meters, respectively. Households will also receive refunds on their electricity bills of an average of €190 in the last two months of 2022, the government said. The measures are on top of €18 billion the government plans to spend next year to help households cope with inflation.

It must be said that inflation in the Netherlands jumped to 17.1% in September, the highest level in decades, under the influence of a sharp increase in energy prices!

But behind what appears to be good news lies an absolute disgrace.

Energy prices are wrong.

They are wrong again.

I repeat. They are wrong.

In the Netherlands, as elsewhere, the profits of private companies are subsidized by public debt.

It is obvious that the method of calculating the selling price of electricity in Europe needs to be changed!

It’s the same problem everywhere, and everywhere governments are cringing to achieve the horrible result of increasing debt and destroying businesses.


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