NFT on the networks: AC Milan continues its crypto adventure

NFT on the networks: AC Milan continues its crypto adventure

For Rossoneri fans – on Milan is one of the biggest football clubs in the world. He is followed by thousands of fans all over the planet. The club experimented throughout the year token fans and continues his adventure in the small world of NFT. Today he invites you to immerse yourself in the best years of the club with a special sale of MonkeyPlayer. If the names of Capello, Maldini, Costacurta or Inzaghi give you goosebumps, this collection of NFTs is for you!

AC Milan is riding the NFT wave

The Italian club from the capital of Lombardy is not a club like the others. He is one of the European legends of this sport with no less than 21 trophies international, incl 7 leagues from Champions. With such a record, they drain a lot of fans behind their backs. And the latter are always on the lookout for new products coming from their favorite club.

After offering a special series of NFTs this summer in solidarity with various associations, the club will launch a collection original from soccer monkeysinspired by the club’s best years.

An example of cards from the 95/96 season…
A new collection of football NFTs awaits AC Milan fans!  In memory of the club's most beautiful seasons, buy and play with your monkeys in the colors of your favorite club.
…with different jerseys!Source: MonkeyLeague

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auction ” Milan Retro 16 takes place this week. These are four sets of four NFTs that recall the club’s legendary years as seasons 1993/94 and 1995/96. Each time you will be able to buy different players with different jerseys for the respective season. Everyone has of course Characteristic clean. And all this in one web3 soccer game: MonkeyLeague.

others the teams have to step on the game developed by the studios No cell which already envisions a great franchise. The team is already considering different decentralized funding principles to retain players and attract new ones. Everything will turn out in the end magical paradise – Solana obliges – from next Thursday. The auction get started from 30 SOL depending on the rarity of the cards.

Finally, video games and fan tokens are among them consumer uses of NFTs which are growing more and more. And in the larger community of football fans will do anything to follow their favorite players and experiences unique experiences with their stars. Moreover, many sports are gradually entering the movement, such as e.g Golf or American football.

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