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Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, Crypto has presented an endless amount of empty space with imaginable and unimaginable market opportunities, often with mobile at the center of the art in games. S4022

EGRN coin, a sustainable crypto asset

When you buy EGRN coins, you invest in real assets traded on the carbon offset market, positively impacting the planet while meeting your own green finance goals, that’s the eGreen promise. Their goal is to transform the green finance paradigm by developing a platform that integrates and simplifies carbon footprinting, CO2e offsetting and green asset investments to combat climate change in a transparent and reliable way.

Developed based on the Stellar Blockchain technology, which uses 0.001 kg of CO2 per transaction (less than a credit card or 18,000 times less energy than Ethereum), it records information securely and transparently for its management.

Connect your APIs to Metamask

The most popular wallet is now an extensible innovation platform. Bring your features and API to MetaMask with Snaps. This will allow developers many new services in this wallet, such as enabling authentication, privacy and consent to keep users in control. Give users more ways to protect their data and use anti-phishing solutions.

Snaps run in a sandbox environment based on Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript. Snaps uses a permissions model to protect user data and respect user consent. Snaps is currently in beta software. To try out Snaps, install MetaMask Flask, a developer distribution that provides access to upcoming features.

The Golden Encryption Protocol, Wikipedia web3

Golden, a crypto company building a data protocol with Web3 tools, has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round led by a16z crypto, bringing its total raised to date to $60 million. The protocol financially rewards correct data and deters incorrect data using tokens. It’s now in the testnet phase, with 35,000 people submitting facts and confirming information through the Discord community, a live decentralized app, API, and early governance in action. The protocol is expected to be active on the mainnet in the second quarter of 2023.

Financial hardship for minors!

As crypto prices remain well below their all-time highs, Bitcoin mining companies are beginning to show signs of financial distress. Second-quarter earnings reports laid bare the industry’s woes, with the largest publicly traded bitcoin mining companies in the United States posting more than $1 billion in combined losses. Core Scientific and Marathon Digital Holdings reported net losses exceeding $100 million.


Coinsquare acquires CoinSmart

Canada’s crypto exchange landscape appears to be consolidating after Coinsquare, one of the country’s largest digital asset exchanges, acquired CoinSmart for an undisclosed sum. This acquisition makes Coinsquare one of the largest crypto exchanges in Canada and expands its operational and trading capabilities. Founded in 2014, Coinsquare has expanded its service offerings to include retail and institutional trading, crypto payment processing and digital asset custody.


OneKey, an open source hardware wallet

A Hong Kong-based crypto hardware wallet maker has raised approximately $20 million in a Series A funding round. Founded in 2020, OneKey claims to be the number one hardware wallet in the Eastern Hemisphere.

OneKey claims its code is completely open source. If a crypto wallet doesn’t work this way, it could hide a backdoor that could compromise the security of customer assets, according to OneKey. To date, OneKey is the only hardware wallet in the world that is 100% open source and uses a certified security chip. OneKey is expected to add around 40 new networks per year to cover all public blockchains and help users stake and store their crypto assets and NFTs.

Solidus Labs partners with Binance

Consumers and regulators around the world increasingly expect higher standards of market integrity.

GBBC member Solidus Labs, a leader in crypto market integrity, has partnered with Binance Canada to streamline several key risk monitoring and compliance services, including Market Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring, Suspicious Transaction Reporting (“STR”) of FINTRAC and large virtual accounts. As well as foreign currency transaction reporting (“LVCTR”) and institutional integration.

Modular blockchains are the future

L2 alone will not solve the scaling problem, for that we need to move to a modular architecture. Blockchains move away from a monolithic design where consensus, data availability, and execution are intertwined. The future is modular, where implementation is decoupled from data availability and consensus (eg Eth2 or Celestia). This separation allows specialization in the base layer, providing a significant increase in bandwidth capacity. For example, Fuel builds a very fast execution layer for the modular blockchain stack.

Sqeeth, permanent exhibition at ETH

If you’re mathematically minded, you’ll love it!

Opyn was the first team to launch an Ethereum options protocol in early 2020. In January 2022, Opyn and Paradigm announced Squeeth, the first existing Power Perpetual that gives traders permanent exposure to ETH.

Perpetual contracts are derivative contracts similar to futures contracts that have no expiration or settlement date, allowing them to be held or traded indefinitely. They are gaining popularity in crypto because they allow traders to hold leveraged positions without the burden of an expiration date.

Mastercard makes it easy and secure to buy crypto

Mastercard has launched Crypto Secure, a first-of-its-kind technology solution designed to bring additional security and trust to the digital ecosystem. Crypto Secure combines CipherTrace insights and technology with proprietary insights to help card issuers stay compliant with the complex regulatory landscape of the digital asset industry. The platform allows them to better assess the risk profile of crypto exchanges or other providers, collectively known as virtual asset service providers (VASPs), and decide which cryptocurrency purchases to approve. Crypto Secure provides each issuer with a color-coded dashboard that shows where their cardholders are buying cryptocurrency. The new service will allow issuers to:

  • Accurately identify crypto exchanges
  • Measure transaction approvals and rejections
  • Understand, at the portfolio level, their exposure to crypto risk through a single score
  • Access to a benchmark rating for comparison with a group of financial institutions

The integrity of the crypto market

Launched in February 2022, the coalition, which now has 38 companies, is increasing its focus on engaging with regulators, promoting market integrity education and developing frameworks to address concerns about the crypto market.


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