Fuel shortage at TotalEnergies: Some stations are running dry, how can I find petrol nearby?

Fuel shortage at TotalEnergies: Some stations are running dry, how can I find petrol nearby?

Total stations are facing an explosion in demand. As a result, the lack of supplies complicates the daily life of French motorists. Here’s how to quickly check the availability of fuel at the station.

But what about gas stations? From September 1, refueling at TotalEnergies is almost a miracle. Indeed, the strike, which is affecting several of the oil giant’s refineries, has direct consequences for motorists struggling to fill their tanks.

Not forgetting that TotalEnergies offers very attractive prices, last month a discount of 20 centimes per liter at the pump. As a result, the number of customers increased by 30-40%, the oil giant reports. TF1 information.

How to find out about the availability of fuel at your station?

For this, TotalEnergies offers a map on its website. A map that allows you to display only the stations where the fuel you are looking for is left.

The only problem is that it doesn’t give a waiting time at the train station, which should be expected at this point, given the price difference. Some stations also do not appear depending on the zoom level on the map, for sure BFM TV.

The latter, on the other hand, seems to be updated fairly regularly, but doesn’t guarantee fuel availability or price once it hits the pump.

There are also smartphone applications, which allow you to consult about the availability of fuel at the station. For those who do not belong to the TotalEnergies group, you have in particular Gasoil Now (Android / iOs), Fuel Flash (Android / iOS) or even Station Less Chère (Android) in particular noticed The voice of the north.

If the situation is explained by the strike and preferential tariffs introduced by TotalEnergies, for Elizabeth Kony, founder of Madame Benchmark, this situation is comparable “to what happened to pasta at the beginning of the pandemic”. “Simply because of the fear of missing out, people rushed to the supermarkets and actually created gaps where there was no place to be,” she analyzes with our colleagues from News TF1.

Therefore, these behaviors make the situation worse. Remember that the general discount is still valid throughout October.

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