No, the European context does not weaken the giants of the chemical industry

No, the European context does not weaken the giants of the chemical industry

lately a letter signed by about twenty NGOs including Future Generations and a MEPs have been sent to the European Commission. Their goal? Challenge the committee on the need to maintain a timetable for revisions to the REACH regulations (on the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances) and CLP (on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures). As an example, the REACH review was due to take place at the end of 2022, now in March 2023 and will apparently be moved to 2024.

In this context of changing the law to chemical pollutants, manufacturers exert constant pressure onexecutive and use the European context to move the deadlines. The concern is that the war in Ukraine or inflation have no impact on the profits of the giants of the chemical industry at all like BASF, Bayer, SolvayIt reveals to us ChemSecan NGO that advocates for substitution of toxic chemical pollutants. They analyzed financial statements mid-2022 and thus were able to show that:

  • BASFthanks to the very positive development of their business, its sales increased to 89 million euros this year (the previous forecast was set at €77 million).
  • Bayer says they remain optimistic about the rest of the year as “they are not only slightly affected by the war ” and ” there is currently no financial impact important for all of 2022“.

Unfortunately, manufacturers pass by in silence this positive news for their economy and do not distribute this message in the European hemisphere.

The big problem with these delays is that the implementation of the revisions did not take place before 2024, at least. Furthermore, the Commission’s approach is through progressive steps which further prolongs the real impact of regulations on industries. That is why it is imperative to respect the revision timetable and allow the Commission, the initiator of the Green Deal, to proceed with the negotiations!

ChemSec concludes its article: “By delaying REACH 2.0, they would only undermine the von der Leyen Commission and create a further lack of predictability in an already uncertain situation..”

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