Gasoline shortage: Olivier Veran warns and urges the French to “take your time at the pump”

Gasoline shortage: Olivier Veran warns and urges the French to "take your time at the pump"

According to the government’s press secretary, the tension is only temporary.

France is not experiencing a petrol shortage, government spokesman Olivier Veron said on Wednesday, urging the public not to panic in the face of petrol station closures to avoid “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

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This was stated by Olivier Veron during the report of the Council of Ministers “12% of stations across the country (…) face difficulties with at least one type of fuel” and that this figure reached more than 30% in Hauts-de-France. He attributed this phenomenon to price reductions provided by TotalEnergies at its stations, which “victims of their success”, and current strikes at four of the group’s six refineries.

Take your time at the stations!

“We are not in a deficit situation, but there are tensions, they are temporary (…) and we believe that everything is on the table to ensure that they are resolved”– said Olivier Veron, urging to avoid any “panic effect”. “Everyone, take your time (at the stations – editor’s note), we won’t run out of gas”he added.

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Faced with the difficulties of supplying stations, the prefecture of Pas de Calais banned the purchase of fuel in canisters from Wednesday to Friday.

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