Coinbase to release crypto documentary

Coinbase va sortir un documentaire sur la crypto

Coinbase seems to be jumping headlong into crypto development and promotion. It is said that the famous company has even prepared a documentary about the industry.

Coinbase is bringing crypto into the mainstream

Coinbase doesn’t seem deterred by any idea of ​​crypto recognition. Despite its previous legal setbacks, the industrial giant is counting on the arrival of new companies in the market. The latter even opened its own web3 development platform. This time, the company returns to the forefront of the scene with a much more visual project.

The news was announced by Brian Armstrong, CEO of the crypto exchange, via a post on Twitter. For three years, Coinbase has been secretly working on a documentary. This would aim to showcase the processes of building a crypto business while introducing the industry to the general public.

Source: Brian Armstrong’s Twitter account

According to Brian Armstrong, the aim of this project will be to encourage more people to create their own startup in the sector. The CEO hopes that this initiative will convince the population to get into crypto while restoring the image of the latter. This documentary can also be intended for regulators and various bodies who do not have knowledge in this field.

To bring this idea to fruition, Coinbase called on CEO Greg Koch. The latter features various documentaries and feature films, notably AlphaGo, which focuses on the artificial intelligence created by Google. It was his ability to make technology moving and likable in the public eye that would convince Armstrong to call him.

Coinbase, meanwhile, is regaining market power

As Coinbase’s share price has plummeted over the past six months, the crypto giant may finally be seeing an upward trend. Indeed, in addition to a chart that appears to be on the rise again, several thousand shares would be acquired by a large company. The CEO of Shopify would spend nearly three million dollars after becoming one of the members of the board of directors of the crypto exchange.

On a more general note, the platform recently announced the expansion of its services to Australia. An initiative that would be justified by the open-mindedness of the population despite the presence of regulators adverse to an alternative economy.

Australians were the first to adopt digital currencies in the world and are savvy investors. Australia is also a hotbed of fintech innovation – we’ve looked closely at this space to better understand the market and recently hired John O’Loghlen to lead our local team.

Excerpt from Coinbase’s announcement regarding the expansion of its services to Australia

No offense to the authorities, Coinbase seems to want to expand crypto’s influence in the world by using every medium possible.


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