Best Crypto and NFT Marketing Agency in 2022 – Bitcoin News Press Release

Best Crypto and NFT Marketing Agency in 2022 - Bitcoin News Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. It can be increasingly frustrating when someone has a worthwhile crypto and NFT project but can’t find a way to get enough commitment. Many people fall into this category, thinking they can successfully promote their crypto and NFT projects, only to be swallowed up by other projects. It’s not like they have a better project. Instead, most of these creators and investors choose a top crypto marketing agent to manage all online marketing campaigns and strategies of their project. But now that you know what you’ve been missing, that’s still not enough to make your project the number one trending topic in crypto and NFT. What next?

Choosing the right crypto marketing agency with enough experience in raising awareness and ensuring that investors invest seriously in a project.

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Fortunately, this article has eased the stress of choosing a top marketing agency by introducing the best in 2022 – ICO SPEAKS.

So what makes ICO Speaks the best crypto marketing agency in 2022? Here are seven reasons to change one’s career in cryptocurrency and NFT.

Best Crypto Marketing Strategy

This is what sets most crypto and NFT projects apart from others. ICO Speaks provides crypto and NFT creators with the expert use of effective marketing strategies that ensure awareness, engagement, trends and investment in diverse communities. Thanks to ICO Speaks, your crypto project can be the most talked about topic in various NFT and crypto communities.

Crypto Social Media Marketing

If there’s one thing we’ve known in recent years, it’s that social media has become a super vehicle that has accelerated the growth of cryptocurrency and NFTs. Therefore, ICO Speaks offers the best social media promotion to ensure your project is trending on various platforms for potential investors to find and invest.

Telegram PIN Post Promotions

As we said, social media is one of the most viable tools that have boosted confidence in cryptocurrency and NFTs. Telegram is one of the social media platforms that has allowed various crypto projects to become household names today. Armed with this knowledge, ICO Speaks has invested heavily in Telegram and has over 70,000 active members. The pin post promotion service means that when people enter the group, they immediately see your project at the top of the group.

Crypto PR in the news media

With the number of people constantly looking for the latest crypto and NFT information in the media, ICO Speaks is greatly increasing this area. The best crypto marketing agency includes your project and ensures that investors see the benefits of investing in it in the media.

Twitter encryption services

ICO Speaks also uses Twitter to promote and promote your project. The best marketing agency features your content in the trending topics of the crypto and NFT worlds on Twitter. So you can be sure to get an up-to-date Twitter status, which is a very effective way to attract the attention of potential investors.

Crypto Telegram Marketing

Look no where for the most effective ICO/NFT promotion on Telegram, but the ICO is talking. The agency offers huge value to crypto and NFT creators by offering different segments in their Telegram group. Using AMA sessions helps crypto and NFT projects grow from nothing to household names.


At this point, you don’t have to be in a dilemma about which crypto ICO/NFT marketing agency to choose. Plus, getting started with ICO SPEAKS is easy. You can contact the agency through the following options:

Learn more about ICO Speaks services on the website:

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