Carbon Offset Crypto Raises $500,000 in First Two Days of Presale

La crypto compensation carbone lève 500 000 $ dans les deux premiers jours de sa prévente

London, England, October 5, 2022 – Two days into its presale, the IMPT token has already raised $500,000 from environmentally conscious investors.

This online fundraiser marks the beginning of’s mission to radically transformed the carbon credit sector by making carbon offsets affordable.

The IMPT token allows you to make purchases in an environmentally friendly way aims to help shoppers reduce their carbon footprint by facilitating the management of carbon credits as a compensation mechanism.

More than 10,000 retailers, including many major brands, have joined the network in this enterprise.

Any retailer will donation of a portion of sales made through the widget or app. The retailer decides how much it wants to donate to audited environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects selected by

Consumers will be able to choose between their favorite brands by comparing the different sales margins for green projects offered by each.

When a person makes purchases online with the widget or in-store with the app, they earns IMPT tokens which can then be exchanged for carbon credits.

The other main feature of the project is that facilitate the purchase, sale and withdrawal of carbon credits on a blockchain marketplace. The use of blockchain technology eliminates fraud in the trading of carbon credits.

Empowering consumers and retailers to fight climate change

The two main aspects of the project, namely the desire to making shopping a beneficial activity for the environment and an opportunity for individuals and companies to easily manage, exchange or invest their carbon credits, ignited the imagination of IMPT token investors.

Every time a person buys an IMPT token, they can convert it into a carbon credit, which in turn can be listed on the marketplace as an NFT.

Additional, the IMPT token promotes the withdrawal of carbon credits by redeeming them for collectible NFTs designed by recognized artists.

Withdrawing credits is achieved by burning them – a process by which tokens are sent to an address on the blockchain that can only receive tokens (not send them), thus removing them from delivery.

In addition to accumulating IMPT tokens during their purchases, users can simply purchase the IMPT token directly from the IMPT website.

Then they can choose to either burn the credits to offset your carbon footprint and receive NFTs for collection in return, or list the carbon credits on the IMPT market.

IMPT will be a transformational factor for ESG, but also for profitability

IMPT is aimed at ESG-focused investors who are willing to use their money in the fight against environmental degradation by supporting environmental initiatives such as renewable energy and the fight against deforestation.

Improving our environment and social responsibility are not necessarily incompatible with making a profit.

The main strategic contribution of the project is to show how this premise can become a daily reality for buyers, retailers and investors.

ESG is green business, but it’s also important business – how do you get involved?

Broadridge Financial Solutions believes in this ESG assets will be valued at approx $30 trillion by 2030.

IMPT thinks big because the challenges facing humanity in the fight against climate change are enormous, even existential.

The team behind the project is led by Dennis Creighton, a very experienced business leader.

IMPT will help us all have a personal beneficial effectwhich, in short, can greatly enhance the urgent task of protecting and improving our planet.

With IMPT, we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

To participate in this green revolution powered by blockchain technology, an individual or entity can simply link a crypto wallet to and buy IMPT with ETH or USDT (Tether stablecoin).

If potential buyers don’t have ETH, they can you buy securely with a card on the IMPT websiteafter which they make their purchase of IMPT tokens.

In this first stage of the pre-sale, The IMPT price is $0.018. In the second stage, which starts after 10.8 million tokens are sold, the price drops to $0.023.


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