A shareholder files a defamation complaint against a CGT lawyer

A shareholder files a defamation complaint against a CGT lawyer

This Wednesday, a Camaïeu shareholder filed a defamation complaint against a CGT lawyer, accusing him of making “absolutely false” remarks about possible cash outflows from the liquidated company.

A civil defamation complaint was filed in a Paris court. It is aimed at Master Fyodor Rylov, for remarks made on Tuesday during a general meeting called by the CGT at the headquarters of Camaïeu in Roubaix, quoted by various media, indicated to Master Shareholder Baptiste de Fres de Montval.

“Unfounded” remarks

“These comments undermine the pride and respect of the HPB group,” said a lawyer for Hermione People and Brands, a subsidiary of Financière immobilière bordelaise (FIB), which took over Camaïeu in 2020. “Totally baseless and false, they fall under the law of defamation,” he added.

Master Rilov suggested that the employees open a case against HPB, in particular, to find traces of “all operations of the transfer of funds between Camaïeu and other companies of the group”.

E. P. B. incriminates two judgments, which would then have been passed by Mae Rilov. He would, according to the shareholder, confirm that “it is possible that funds were taken that were no longer in the company.” He also noted that the procedure he wants to launch is aimed at “knowing the transactions that emptied the cash.”

“An attempt to distract”

“Not a single company in the group, nor a shareholder, benefited from Camaïeu’s funds,” HPB chairman Wilhelm Hübner said on Wednesday. The complaint is “an attempt to divert attention,” Mr. Rylau responded, saying he was determined to “move quickly” the legal action brought by the employee. Claiming that he did not receive notice of the complaint immediately, he noted that he would not hesitate to file a complaint for “slanderous denunciation.”

In fact, I note that the employees are convinced that there has been a certain number of non-standard operations that need to be looked for […] when the abnormal financial transactions were organized and when they contributed to the collapse of Camaïeu,” he added.

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