Tri-Ace studio in a sensitive position ahead of Star Ocean 6 release – News

Tri-Ace studio in a sensitive position ahead of Star Ocean 6 release - News

According to Japanese site gamebiz, which regularly publishes the financial statements of the main players in the market, the studio’s turnover would drop 42.9% during the year, from 2 billion yen to 1.25 billion yen (about 8.72). million euros). As a result, operating profit (241 million yen or 1.68 million euro) recorded in the prior year turned into a loss of 625 million yen (4.36 million yen), while net profit fell from 171 million yen to 684 deficit. million yen (4.77 million euros). The company would even go bankrupt, adds gamebiz.

In the commentary accompanying the results announcement, tri-Ace, Star Ocean: Anamnesis; The epic-derived mobile game was finally discontinued by Square Enix Japan at the end of June 2021. The company was also unable to receive the expected order quantity and welcome new projects due to development delays and other factors. When developing new derivative titles or remakes Tri-Ace from its own franchises such as Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition has also contributed to many other projects in the past.

Star Ocean Divine Force, the sixth chapter of the RPG saga fantasyIt will be available on next-gen consoles and PC on October 27. A release accompanying the release of a playable demo is always available as soon as it becomes available. And there’s no doubt that its commercial success could have a direct impact on the studio’s immediate future.

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