Line 11 extension: trains circulated to test the viaduct

Line 11 extension: trains circulated to test the viaduct

The site isn’t finished yet, but when you start seeing trains, that’s a pretty good sign, say representatives of RATP and Île-de-France Mobilités. The vibrato of the MP14 mingled with the noise of backhoe loaders and dump trucks at the beginning of the week to finalize the test phase of the viaduct located between the future Coteaux Beauclair and La Dhuys stations, on line 11, at the height of Noisy-le-Sec (Seine -Saint-Denis).

The extension of line 11 continues on its way. No untimely deviation from the schedule, unlike some projects. “In the current context, we must always be cautious, emphasizes Pierre Florent, director of the extension of line 11 for RATP. But commissioning is planned for the end of 2023.

For the time being, tests have been carried out on the short kilometer of the viaduct, which spans the “A3, Coteaux, motorway junction to come and dip into the motorway junction at Rosny 2”, explains Stefano Contaldi, construction project manager for the RATP extension.

See if the viaduct bends too much

Load, statistical and dynamic tests were conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. “This is the last step in building a bridge,” Stefano Contaldi continues. This allows you to see if the structure obeys a certain behavior, how it bends, when trains pass. »

They make two-way trips without a passenger, but with “pigs” simulating the weight of the passengers. Attached to the viaduct’s deck, weighted wires then measure its deflection to ensure the installations are not called into question.

The MP14s will then return to the workshop and won’t be out until early December, where they will carry out “dynamic tests on the already existing line 11, between Châtelet and Mairie des Lilas, without passengers,” Pierre Florent elaborates.

And in one short year, the MP14 will connect Châtelet with Rosny-Bois-Perrier, “improving the quality of travel for historic users,” emphasizes Arnaud Crolet, director of infrastructure for Île-de-France-Mobilities. It’s a time jump. »

All the oldest RATP trains, the MP59s currently running on the line, will be replaced and scrapped. The metro will follow each other every 105 seconds, with an additional train to accommodate over 25% of the passengers, explains Pierre Florent. Going from a capacity of “50,000 passengers per day to 85,000” and offering a connection to the future line 15 and RER E. But still some patience, four stations remain to be built.

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