Minecraft: 33 secrets and anecdotes about the world’s best selling game!

Minecraft: 33 secrets and anecdotes about the world's best selling game!

Game News Minecraft: 33 secrets and anecdotes about the world’s best selling game!

With over 200 million copies sold across all media, Minecraft is the single best-selling game of all time. Therefore, the JV editorial team invites you to discover 33 facts about the famous “sandbox” adventure game in this new JV Facts video!

A cross-platform game

It was developed at its base by the Swedish Markus Persson aka Notch and later. mojanga studio acquired by Microsoft In 2017, Minecraft created many stories. The title is a completely free construction adventure video game in which the universe consists of voxels (3D pixels) containing an operating system and the transformation of natural resources. By default, the player takes on the appearance of a genderless cubic character named Steve. The game has been a real phenomenon for over 10 years, reaching all generations and all types of players.

Minecraft can boast of being one of the few games available for all kinds of platforms.. Originally developed as a web browser game, then Windows, Mac, and then Linux, the game gets a mobile hotspot with Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android, iOS and Windows phones. A version on Xbox 360 developed by 4J Studios It appeared on PlayStation 3 in 2012 and PlayStation 3 in 2013. The adventure continues on PlayStation 4 and next generation consoles in 2014, Xbox One version available the next day, Nintendo eShop etc on Wii U in December 2015. The famous license doesn’t stop there, it’s available in 139 languages ​​and has been denied in various forms, including merchandising and even Lego, making it the seventh best-selling franchise of all time.

An unbreakable game

Even today, the game is highly coveted. There are 480 million players, including more than 141 million monthly active players. In the Minecraft adventure, enthusiasm doesn’t fade, thanks to speed runs, fantastic construction projects, and the number of content creators who have introduced themselves thanks to the title. We can talk about Dream, which is talked about a lot these days, especially with its facial expression. The game, which is always fed with content and updates, knows no break. It has an incredible longevity, especially due to its technical aspect and timeless appearance..

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