Xbox and Bethesda celebrate anniversaries of 5 flagship games over 6 weeks | XboxOne

Xbox and Bethesda celebrate anniversaries of 5 flagship games over 6 weeks |  XboxOne

At least five flagship franchises from Xbox and Bethesda studios will celebrate their 10th, 25th and 40th birthdays in the coming days. On this occasion, the two publishers announced six weeks of content to celebrate the games that made them famous. In the program, anniversary releases, special releases, new in-game content and even community events.

Microsoft and Bethesda’s flagship franchises celebrate their anniversary with six weeks of celebration

Forza Horizon and Dishonored came out ten years ago, Fallout and Age of Empires came out twenty-five years ago. As for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it’s been forty years since the flight simulation debuted on PC. That’s why these five licenses were honored by Xbox and Bethesda in a six-week anniversary marathon, the Anniversary Collection, which starts today.

Opening the ball between October 4-11, Fallout, the action RPG will celebrate its 25th anniversary on October 10, and Fallout 76 will be free-to-play during the event. In the program:

  • Discounts on the entire franchise
  • faction test
  • A special retrospective of 25 years
  • A Spotify Fallout playlist
  • Quests, residents and more in Fallout Shelter
  • A custom controller built with Xbox Design Labs
  • Spooky Scorched event returns to Appalachia through November 8

Then, Forza Horizon, which will take advantage of a week to celebrate with different events from October 6-13:

  • Broadcast Forza on October 6 at 6 PM (French time); meanwhile, the teams will testify about the franchise’s history and evolution. This will also be an opportunity to learn more about what’s coming to Forza Horizon 5.
  • 10th anniversary update for Forza Horizon 5 on October 10 with the Midnight Battles mode and soundtracks from previous episodes.
  • Microsoft Store and Steam discounts for Forza Horizon games
  • The Festival Playlist will feature four weeks of anniversary events featuring challenges and vehicles from Forza Horizon 1-4.

From October 7 to 21, Arkane’s famous game Dishonored will qualify for its content and events to celebrate the game’s tenth anniversary, which was released on October 9, 2012.

  • On October 7, during the Major Neslon podcast, you can find Harvey Smith and Dinga Bakaba who will be giving new details about Dishonored as well as Deathloop.
  • A new custom wallpaper
  • A Microsoft Rewards card to earn points with a Dishonored story
  • A game-inspired controller will emerge, made with the Xbox Design Lab
  • A broadcast featuring the game, competitions and memorabilia from the game on October 20
  • Arkane Studios sales starting Oct 21

One of the pillars of the strategy game that will come to celebrate its 25th anniversary as it should be on October 25th. Age of Empires, the first in the name, hit PC on October 15, 1997, and the fourth game in the franchise will qualify for an anniversary edition with two new civilizations, the Ottomans and Malians. But it’s also eight new maps, two original biomes, taunts, cheat codes, and a new ranked season.

In parallel, on the same date, from 7 PM (France time), a special broadcast will be held on the Twitch Xbox channel, on the official site of Age of Empires and Red, and on the YouTube channel for special announcements, interviews and surprises. Bull Game.

Finally, November 11 will mark the release of the 40th anniversary version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It comes to celebrate four decades of flight simulations and achievements for the Microsoft game that first appeared in 1982. This special edition has been announced by Microsoft before and will include helicopters among the devices you can control in-game. New airports and planes are coming, including the Airbus A310, a real plane with almost all controls.

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