PS5: Confident Sony plans the PSVR 2, the ultimate VR headset for millions, but…

PS5: Confident Sony plans the PSVR 2, the ultimate VR headset for millions, but…

news equipment PS5: Confident Sony plans the PSVR 2, the ultimate VR headset for millions, but…

Although it has not yet announced a release date for the new virtual reality headset PlayStation VR 2 or PSVR 2, Sony is already showing very strong goals for its new device. But the whole does not count on the prepared competition.

We don’t yet know when PSVR 2 will hit the market, but it now seems agreed that this new virtual reality headset will miss the end of the year celebrations. As a matter of fact, Sony has already stated that it plans to launch it in early 2023, without providing further details. The “early 2023” may represent the time frame of the first quarter of the year, which turned out to be quite uncertain, it must be admitted.

Again, Missing Christmas doesn’t seem to frighten Sony, which seems already convinced of the PlayStation VR 2’s success.. by the way BloombergThe Japanese manufacturer will make sure it has enough stock to meet demand.

Two million PSVR 2 available by March 2023

As we know, the global crisis, which started with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and continued with the raw material shortage due to the war in Ukraine, complicates the supply of many high-tech products. Sony knows this all too well: almost two years after the PS5’s release, it’s still hard to find one for sale.because stocks are constantly on edge.

As a result, many observers are wondering about the Japanese firm’s ability to meet future PSVR 2 demand. But according to American media Bloomberg, they are generally very well-informed, Sony has reportedly predicted the situation and plans to put two million PSVR 2s on sale by March 2023. There is even production started last september to achieve this goal.

When the name’s first PSVR was released in October 2016, it took eight months to reach one million copies sold.. But the current context is different: virtual reality is now much more advanced and more popular with gamers. Otherwise, The promises of PSVR 2, which is more powerful than PS4 and intended to connect to PS5, are much more appealing.

Sony should be wary of competition

Sony’s success is assured with PSVR 2 Thanks to outstanding performance and an attractive game catalog that already includes nearly twenty titles such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, No Man’s Sky or Resident Evil Village. Again, some points embarrass first-gen PSVR ownersincluding the fact that games from the first headset won’t be backwards compatible with the new model.

Otherwise, Sony’s ambitions could be thwarted by competition. Meta still meets great success with Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro announcement coming soon. Next year, Meta Quest 3, a new iteration of its public offering, could make a notable entry into the marketfocusing on the metaverse and mixed reality.

Faced with autonomous headsets and well-established technologies from Meta, There’s no doubt that Sony has a lot to do to keep the course going throughout the year., although savvy and hardcore PS5 fans are likely to be intrigued as soon as PSVR 2 is released. Reply in a few months!

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