What are your first impressions of Overwatch 2? – Overwatch

What are your first impressions of Overwatch 2?  - Overwatch

This Tuesday overwatch gave way Overwatch 2, the second artifact of the license that we discovered in 2016. FPS is entering a new era that will regularly refresh the experience of players, and will be marked by an uninterrupted stream of content for months and years. A page has been opened, a new one begins.

Announced at BlizzCon 2019, Overwatch 2 still in our hands. This first Season adds Sojourn, the Queen of the Junkers, Kiriko, a salvo of cards and a new game mode, all accompanied by many new features and modifications. The noticeable difference with the larger is the transition to a team of 5 players, rebalancing the heroes specifically aimed at reducing the overall crowd control.

This new adventure is still in its infancy. In the next few months we will see the introduction of new heroes, new maps and new game modes, as well as PvE, which further deepens the universe in which we evolve. These quests will allow us to learn more about the history of the different characters, but also offer great replayability and an extensive customization system through dozens of unique abilities.

We are just at the beginning of what awaits us Overwatch 2and we look forward to keeping up with all the new things on the horizon. Later this month, Dr. Schakalstein’s Revenge will return with a previously unreleased film, La fiancée en furie. Prepare to once again protect Eichenwalde from the terrifying creatures that are trying to tear you apart. Then a new Tank coming in early December.

Although long queues have come your way in the evening, the situation is calmer today and the servers can be accessed without major problems. So far, what are your first impressions? Overwatch 2 ? How did you experience the transition to 5 players in teams? What do you think about the three female protagonists who participated in the election? Advanced mod and TS-1, loyal robot with complex missions? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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