TotalEnergies petrol ‘shortage’: Government drawing down its strategic reserves… what is it?

TotalEnergies petrol 'shortage': Government drawing down its strategic reserves... what is it?

12% of STAs experience difficulties with fuel supply. There is no deficit for the government. Nevertheless, he used his strategic reserves.

In Toulouse, Lille or Paris, the scenes are the same: dozens of meters in line in front of TotalEnergies service stations and very often closed stations without prices on totems due to lack of fuel.

Since September 1, because of the 20 cent discount added to the 30 cent government discount, TotalEnergies shows the cheapest prices in France for all types of fuel combined. Cheaper than retail. A good boon for motorists rushing to the pump at TotalEnergies to re-deliver at their closing time. The situation is worsened by the strike of some TotalEnergies staff for higher wages.

“Stress” but not “deficit”

Talk of a “deficit” is out of the question, according to government spokesman Olivier Veron. He prefers to talk about “tension” in fuel supplies. The government claims that 12% of gas stations in France are experiencing difficulties in supplying at least one type of fuel. Haute-de-France was particularly affected – by more than 30%, particularly around Arras and Béthune. Thus, according to Olivier Veron, the government “drew from strategic reserves (…) here and there” to provide dry stations.

Mandatory strategic reserves since 2009

Like other countries, France has a strategic petroleum reserve (RSP): gasoline for automotive and aviation use, diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosene, fuel oil and jet fuel (gas). About 18 million tons, which corresponds to about 90 days of fuel consumption.

The shares are mainly managed by SAGESS (Société anonyme de gestion des stocks de sécurité). It has 80 storage facilities and 8 refineries across France, as well as an underground salt cave near Manosc in the Alpes Haute-Provence. Volumes must be kept constant. Only the state can give an order to take the oil there and determine the volumes.

In France, in 1925, we began to create the first strategic reserves. SAGESS was established in 1988. Since 2009, the European directive imposes reserves of crude oil or petroleum products on all member countries.

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