Inflation: Beware of the “inflation” consumer trap.

posted on Saturday, October 8, 2022 at 10:22 am

Some brands and institutions voluntarily reduce the quantity of the product, keeping the previous price, without warning the consumer. Recently, about forty controlled institutions have been put in order.

It ended with what appeared.

While many food brands are raising prices and trying, why not, to save money on packaging, others are practicing “shrinkage.” Literally “reduflation” in French, the practice is to sell a reduced quantity of a product while maintaining its original price. Until then, nothing illegal, explains v Figaro, Friday, October 7, unless these changes are noted on product labels. Thus, recently, 38 institutions fell under the announced “shrinking inflation”. Information about France on the same day.

“We noticed that about 10% of the facilities did not change the price per kilogram when the quantity of the product decreased. If there is a control and we notice that these objects have not changed the price tags per kilogram, there is a fine. There are 38 people. institutions with about 340 checked in a month and a half”– explained Olivia Gregoire, Minister for SMEs, Trade, Crafts and Tourism.

Habit can be misleading

For its part, Art Figaro reports that the NGO Foodwatch has been battling “shrinking inflation” for some time. In a report published at the beginning of September, the daily notes, the organization named certain brands of products, such as mineral water, chocolate or even butter, which will be engaged in this small commercial technique. “This lack of transparency is unacceptable because it misleads consumers about both the format and the value of the products they are used to buying.”also highlights NGOs in its report.

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