EA (FIFA 23, The Sims) wants to get you but you don’t know it yet! Interview with Kim Tyler.

EA (FIFA 23, The Sims) wants to get you but you don't know it yet!  Interview with Kim Tyler.

Game News EA (FIFA 23, The Sims) wants to get you but you don’t know it yet! Interview with Kim Tyler.

The video game industry is desperately trying to bring in new talent with different profiles to keep reinventing itself. Awareness, education, working conditions… Electronic Arts has been actively encouraging creative talents (drawing, storytelling, etc.) to explore the video game industry for years. This is what EA Deputy Head of Human Applications Kim Tyler tells us.

There are so many avenues for creativity and storytelling. We want people to know that the video game industry is the perfect place for creators, whether they’re fresh out of college or looking to make a career change. … No matter what kind of creative you are or where you are in your career, there are opportunities for you.


  • The importance of creative professions in the video game industry
  • Diversity and inclusion: the key to greater authenticity

The importance of creative professions in the video game industry

When we think of people working in the field of video games, we immediately imagine an army of developers glued to their computers. If their work is absolutely necessary, it would be in vain without the involvement of the creative teams, who made it possible to shape both the content and the format of the game under development. Not to mention the production teams, marketing and other important branches. There are many professions that are little known in the world of video games, and informing the public about them has become a real challenge today. On the occasion of the roundtable meeting on the place of women in the industry organized by Xbox, lack of knowledge and orientation to video game professions were discussed at length. With this in mind, the Academy of Video Game Arts and Techniques recently launched a podcast offering to explore. 50 video game professions out of 50 women, e.g. On a more targeted track, in Marine Macq’s book, video game imaginationshed light on his profession. concept artist.

From the graphics to the music of our games, video games are full of opportunities to be creative.

But the work also has to come from the studios. Awareness and orientation are of course two very important points, but players on the field must also find ways to attract and welcome new creative profiles. Fortunately, many studios have already fixed the problem. This is particularly the case of Electronic Arts. Kim Tyler, VP of Human Applications at the American company, specifically wants EA to be open to many profiles. where do they come from. And this is through the apprenticeship program in particular.

Creative arts play a crucial role in game development and we want our audiences to know that. We have developed our apprenticeship program at an international level to train the next generation of creators in the industry. The latter includes more than 65 apprentices in Europe alone and ranges from more traditional fields such as programming or engineering to more creative fields such as art or design.

Diversity and inclusion: the key to greater authenticity

EA (FIFA 23, The Sims) wants to get you but you don't know it yet!  Interview with Kim Tyler.

First point: welcome to new profiles. Second point: Welcome to new and different profiles. Because if finding new creative minds is already difficult in itself, the goal is also to offer different teams whose members have different backgrounds and references. By hiring too many of the same profiles, we inevitably run into people who think alike and develop more or less the same thing. That’s why EA has tried to recruit many creators from ethnic or sexual minorities. For example, for a few years EA was one of those companies where it’s good to live when you belong to the LGBTQ+ community. And it’s no secret, to be one you must first of all Rethink the way you hire new employees.

Inclusive recruiting is an important part of EA’s Recruitment for Results program, and more than 300 managers and 1,500 other employees receive this training each year.

But if recruiting is good, retaining these talents is even better. Take, for example, a group that is still underrepresented in the video game industry: women. At the roundtable meeting we mentioned above, the speakers stated that there are very few women in the industry and on average they do not stay in the studios much. The fact of being imprisoned in the same position without any observation or expectation of evolution, especially from the work environment. EA fully understands these issues and strives to make its business a pleasant and attractive place for all types of employees. This means promoting the principles of diversity, equality and inclusion (what EA calls DEI) within the company, or the importance of not forgetting these people and offering them regular career opportunities.

We are working to attract, engage, develop and retain diverse teams and have increased minority talent across various industries. This includes an overall increase in female talent from 24.5% to 25.5% from November 2021 to October 2022 {…} We have increased the number of minority talent in managerial positions from 46% over the past two years.

However, there is still work to be done.*.. But the fact that these issues are now central to the vision of a giant like EA, as well as other studios, bodes well for the future. It’s a progression that will certainly benefit creative people who were previously reluctant to enter an opportunity-rich field that was also an industry. Because those who say more diverse profiles add different visions and new creativity to the next games. If you’re someone who points a finger at the fact that games are all alike, know that one of the simplest ways to prevent this phenomenon is naturally to welcome new and diverse. Maybe you are one of the creative profiles that the industry needs to renew itself, who knows.

EA (FIFA 23, The Sims) wants to get you but you don't know it yet!  Interview with Kim Tyler.

There is so much to explore when talking about the future of video games, and this makes it an especially exciting time to join the industry.

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