The 10 most underrated James Bond movies, according to Reddit

The 10 most underrated James Bond movies, according to Reddit

The search is underway for a new actor to fill the role of James Bond, and according to Variety, producers are looking for an actor willing to commit to playing the role for a decade. While fans wait for Eon to choose a new 007 and reboot the franchise with a decade of films, there are plenty of great existing Bond films to revisit.

From Octopussy to Specter to Diamonds Are Forever to Tomorrow Never Dies to The Man with the Golden Gun, there are plenty of critically acclaimed James Bond movies that Redditors consider underrated gems.

10/10 A Sight to Kill (1985)

Roger Moore’s last film as 007, A View to a Kill, received some of the most relentlessly negative reviews in franchise history. But according to Redditor u/3664shaken, A View to a Kill is “the most spy/espionage film in the series” and “hits all the Bond tropes perfectly.”

The film polarized reviews because Moore had outgrown the role and his advanced age began to show in the action scenes, but u/3664shaken wrote that “if you get past the fact that Moore is old, this is the movie. Leap par excellence”.

9/10 Diamonds Are Forever (1971)

Most of Sean Connery’s Bond films have received critical acclaim, but Diamonds Are Forever has been criticized for its silly tone. But Redditor u/AMG-28-06-42-12 thinks this tone works great; they describe Diamonds Are Forever as “a Moore film given to Connery”.

A Redditor wrote: “Seeing the two eras come together is still one of my favorite things about this entire franchise. “Diamonds Are Forever” offers a glimpse of how Connery would have handled the witty comedic sensibilities of the Moore era.

8/10 The World Is Not Enough (1999)

Redditor u/Telos1807 called Pierce Brosnan’s The World Is Not Enough an “underrated Bond film.” The World Is Not Enough has an exciting cold start and u/Telos1807 writes that “Brosnan is at his best here. »

They add that “Electra [King] is one of the best villains in the series. Elektra is unique in that she is introduced as a “Bond girl” lover in the first half of the film, before a mid-film twist reveals that she is in league with the villainous Fox.

7/10 The Living Daylights (1987)

Following Moore’s departure from the Bond franchise, Timothy Dalton took over the role. In stark contrast to the madness of Moore’s era, Dalton’s take on 007 was much darker and truer to Ian Fleming’s source material. Dalton’s films have grown in popularity over time, but tend to rank fairly low on show lists.

But Redditor u/rrob13 thinks Dalton’s debut album The Living Daylights has a “solid story, good acting, fun stunts” and deserves more love. They add that the tone is just right: “it’s not campy, but it’s not too heavy either.”

6/10 Moonraker (1979)

Redditor u/Julio_July praises Moonraker: “For me, this is when Moore really hits his Bond style. The Redditor admits that Bond’s intergalactic adventure “gets a bad grade just because he’s been in space for the last 15 minutes,” but claims that “the pacing is excellent” and from 007’s journey through space, Moonraker is “a great, enjoyable action/adventure a film that never drags and is super re-watchable.”

“It has a lot of everything the Bond films are known for: lots of great action, lots of exotic locations… and a great villain [Hugo Drax] and supporter [a returning Jaws],” wrote u/Julio_July. “It is also one of the most beautifully shot and scripted Bond films. »

5/10 Specter (2015)

Of Daniel Craig’s five Bond films, two have received critical acclaim: Quantum of Solace and Spectre. Most Bond fans agree that Quantum of Solace’s negative reception is appropriate, but Redditor u/phant0my_89 thinks Specter is underrated because it “has all the classic Bond tropes you’d want in a classic Bond film.” inspired by Craig’s own spin on Bond. “

The Redditor wrote that Specter has a “scary opening,” “beautiful cinematography” and “cool action scenes,” adding that “the train fight [between 007 and Mr. Hinx] is easily one of the best fights in the entire series. Despite Christoph Waltz’s controversial characterization of Blofeld’s new incarnation, u/phant0my_89 claims that “Waltz is still amazing.”

4/10 The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)

Moore’s early Bond films followed the genre trends of the 1970s. Between the blaxploitation Bond film Live and Let Die and the sci-fi Bond film Moonraker, Moore starred in the universally shot Bond martial arts film L man with the golden gun. Redditor u/CptnWolfe wrote that it’s “one of the most hated movies, but it’s so good.”

The Redditor wrote that it has an “excellent villain” in Christopher Lee’s sniper Francisco Scaramanga, and “one of the coolest stunts ever” with the car flip (albeit spoiled by a goofy whistle sound effect).

3/10 License to Kill (1989)

Redditor u/LexingtonDeville84 called Dalton’s second and ultimately final Bond film, License to Kill , the most underrated entry in the franchise. “For some, it’s too violent, dark and gritty to be a Bond film rather than just one long episode of Miami Vice,” wrote the Redditor, “but Dalton seems much more relevant. comfortable in the lead role. »

License to Kill, the violent content – often described as ‘Bond vs. Scarface’ – earned it just the 15th UK series spot. But this violent tone is closer to Fleming’s original vision than most other Bond films.

2/10 Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

According to Redditor u/slimredcobb, Tomorrow Never Dies deserves more praise now than it did when it hit theaters 25 years ago because it has “aged so well.” The film turns out to be a prophetic (albeit authoritative) satire of the modern media landscape.

Elliott Carver is basically a villainous version of Rupert Murdoch’s Bond. With a plot built around the dangers of fake news, Tomorrow Never Dies is now more relevant than ever.

1/10 Octopus (1983)

Redditor u/yellowarmy78 writes that Octopussy “gets a lot of hate in some circles,” but claims that “it’s a great Cold War spy movie” and that sonically it has a “fun feel.” The Redditor wrote that the climactic bomb disposal scene at the circus – which is controversial for disguising Bond’s clown makeup – is a “really tense moment”.

Although Octopussy received a lot of criticism for its goofy tone and Maud Adams’ performance in the title role, it contained many stunning action scenes, including the final airplane sequence.

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