Silent Hill: A few games to plan? Christophe Gans gave more information on the return of the license

Silent Hill : plusieurs jeux à prévoir ? Christophe Gans en dévoile davantage sur le retour de la licence

Game News Silent Hill: A few games to plan? Christophe Gans gave more information on the return of the license

While Konami is still slow to formalize the return of Silent Hill, Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006 debut film and currently working on the cinematographic reboot, left a small bombshell for undergraduate fans.

an expected return

The wait for Silent Hill’s return is getting longer. Konami’s famous horror license is desirable after many rumors announcing its return and a few leaks currently surfing the internet. If fans are admittedly impatient and keep looking for the slightest bit of information about the franchise, Konami is revealing absolutely nothing. Nothing official for now, at least not for the video game.

If the license is going to return, it will at least be in theaters. As we know, the director of the first movie in 2006, Christophe Gans, It plans to offer audiences a cinematographic reboot of the license by 2023. The French filmmaker was recently the guest of honor at the final edition of the European Fantastic Film Festival held in Strasbourg. MaG – Movie and Game Around Silent Hill and the reboot project. As a bonus, Christophe Gans allowed himself some indecision in video games and dropped a little bombshell.

License will take effect again

While Konami has yet to reveal anything about its plans for Silent Hill, the producer has confirmed that the license has been returned. According to the interested party, fans will qualify for several games, not a single game.

There are several games. Several teams. There are actually a lot of games. They’re going to revive the franchise. I think they were very impressed with the “reboots” of Resident Evil 2 and 3, which are definitely extraordinary games.(…) They said to themselves “it’s time to go” and it was Victor Hadida. , my producer and I have decided to return to Silent Hill.

It’s hard to be sure exactly which games Christophe Gans is talking about. definitely talking about it remake of the second workbut also very mysterious Text Message viewed in South Korea. Other good info to get is regarding Team Silent, which is thought to have disappeared. According to the filmmaker, the development team responsible for the franchise still exists today.

I work with Team Silent, they are always there. I am collaborating with Konami because they are, in a way, co-producers of the film and have a say in what I do on a new Silent Hill adaptation.

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