“Madame Sean Connery”: James Bond, that’s her

"Madame Sean Connery": James Bond, that's her

The late actor’s wife is the subject of an exciting documentary series directed by his granddaughter, the journalist Stéphanie Renuven.

Micheline Roquebrune is not Madame Emma Bovary. Indeed, bourgeois boredom, conventions, provincial narrowness disgust her, but she knew how to act, get out of incredible situations, before connecting her existence with that of the coolest and most famous actor in the world of the time, the Scotsman Sean Connery.

People will come for Sean and stay for Michelin

Stephanie Renuven

The four-episode documentary series dedicated to her by her granddaughter, the journalist Stéphanie Renuven, reveals the unsuspected career of this tiny woman, 1.57 meters tall, so smiling, always by the revered great man. “I have been recording my grandmother since 2017, I started with my iPhone because what she tells me from childhood is amazing! People will come for Shawn and stay for Michelin”, assures the latter, who has collected and edited a bunch of super-eight films and other unpublished photos.

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Micheline Roquebrun at a shooting range in Paris.

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Before Sean Connery, Micheline la Nissoise grew up and lived in Tunisia, a comfortable home and already this strong, amazing character. She married at the age of 20 to Jean-Pierre, a resident of the plant. Slight concern: she doesn’t like him and tells him so. They will have two children in Morocco before an event makes them realize that life is not about parking the car sideways and waiting for the evening to go to bed. She wants a divorce, he tries to intern her, she runs away, he takes her kids away…

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The second attempt at an eternal union with a golfer close to King Hassan II turned out to be worse. Free Micheline. When she asked for a divorce again, she remained a captive in Morocco for nine months, deprived of a passport, before she managed, thanks to an interview with the king, to escape and join her spy, who loved her.

Would Sean have had the same career without her? Nothing is less certain

She met Sean Connery when she was 40 in 1970. She and he never broke up. He was done with Bond and entrusted much of his fortune to a crook. Who saved and saved the treasury of this triple zero as financial investments? Michelin, of course. “She was essential to her, she organized everything, managed her health, made the legacy grow. And would he have had the same career without her? Nothing is less certain,” emphasizes his granddaughter, who spoke with the man considered the most influential in Hollywood, Michael Ovitz, his grandfather’s former agent.

What comes after this ad

What comes after this ad

Sean Connery in Marbella with Micheline's granddaughters, Stephanie (the director, center) and her sister Yves-Anne.

Sean Connery in Marbella with Micheline’s granddaughters, Stephanie (the director, center) and her sister Yves-Anne.

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Without Micheline, who had become an artist, Sean would have turned down several roles that brought him awards and recognition. The story of a crazy love, of a woman with an extraordinary will, of a couple with simple pleasures despite their fame, is played out in front of the camera. “They weren’t interested in Hollywood… My sister and I would stay in Marbella for a month every summer at their house, my grandfather would take us to eat ice cream at the port… We always had to cut that moment short because people would approach it.” holidays? We saw him at every meal, otherwise he was working in his office or golfing; he woke us up in the morning for fear of falling asleep! »

Stéphanie Renuven has received tons of offers to direct the saga of the male actor…

Shortly after his death in 2020, Stéphanie Renouvin received tons of offers from producers to restore the archives, to put the saga of the male actor into a brilliant documentary, which will be shot, but not in France. A few months later, the same question, coming from a famous stranger from another production company, decided her. He asked her what she wanted to do. Instant answer: “A documentary about my grandmother.” We understand why.

Madame Sean Connery, broadcast in full on October 9 at 1:15pm on France 2.

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