“I think Bond Jamesbond is a horse of rare quality,” Kevin Stout

"I think Bond Jamesbond is a horse of rare quality," Kevin Stout

Spotted under the saddle of his trainer rider Bernard Brian Chevalier, who saw in him a first-class successor, Bond Jamesbond de Haye continues to write his story under the saddle of one of the pillars of the French team, Kevin Statut. Championed by Jean-Luc l’Helgouarc’h and Yves Berthollet, the phenomenal and powerful eleven-year-old Selle Français stallion has been thrown into the deep end in 2022, having already had several very good successes. To tell the story of this very special agent, THE BIGGEST REWARD gave the floor to Jean-Luc L’Helgouarc’h, Bernard Briand Chevalier and Kevin Staut.

The first and second parts of this portrait can be read here and here This season, at eleven, Hay’s Bond Jamesbond made his debut at a very high level and quickly competed on some of the most beautiful tracks in the world, such as those of La Baule, Aix-la-Chapelle, Rome or Dublin. “With Covid, the horse’s progress has slowed down,” explains Jean-Luc L’Helguarc. He hasn’t been able to take on the role of second horse in all the big races he’s entered in 2022. That would have benefited him, but I’m confident he’ll continue to increase his power.&r…

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