Thermodynamic water heaters 300l: the best models!

Valentin Fernand

However, what is the difference between the existing models of thermodynamic water heaters for 300 l? How much exactly do these devices cost? We will tell you everything in the next article! Then follow us to know more about it!

Top 3 models of thermodynamic water heaters for 300 l

Like hot water tanks, you should know that a 300L thermodynamic water heater is considered the ideal device for producing large quantities of water for domestic consumption. With a tank for hot water with a capacity of 300 lan apartment with an average of 5 to 7 people can be well provided with even several bathrooms.

Today there are three different models of thermodynamic water heaters with a volume of 300 l, namely:

  • ventilation model;
  • split system model;
  • solid model.

Ventilation model

the ventilation model is connected to a system also called VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation). The air circulated in the VMC is used to heat water in a 300 liter thermodynamic water heater to supply your entire home. The advantage of this method is that the room in which the thermodynamic water heater is located does not heat up during ventilation. However, maintenance of this type of water heater is more difficult due to the complex ventilation that is connected to the device.

Split system model

A split system is a water heater model that works by using air from outside the home. Split system units are smaller than other models and are generally much more efficient than other heat pump water heaters. On the other hand, this technology requires placing the device near an external wall.

Solid model

This water heater is the latest model available, it takes heat from the ambient air of the room in which it is supposed to work. Ideally, place this device in an empty space in your home that is at least 20 cubic meters in size. Indeed, the thermodynamic water heater of this model sucks air from the room, thereby reducing the temperature!

What is the price of a thermodynamic water heater 300 l?

Nowadays there is more than a dozen brands production of thermodynamic water heaters with a volume of 300 liters, the most famous of which are the following;

  • Atlantic;
  • thermos;
  • DeDietrich;
  • Cracked.

Thus, on average, a thermodynamic water heater with a volume of 300 l costs between 2000 and 5000 euros. Such a large difference is explained by the different types of models, energy classes and sizes of water heaters that exist. For example, among all models of water heaters for 300 l, the ventilated unit is the most expensive. On the other hand, solid models are the least expensive on the market. As for the split system, it is a good compromise, a combination good energy performance has a quite low cost.

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