strikes resumed at Total and Exxon, more than one in five gas stations were affected

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At TotalEnergies and ExxonMobil, VKT strikes resumed this Saturday, a day after encouraging talks launched by the government, which eased fuel transport rules this weekend in a bid to resolve supply tensions at stations.

The situation should continue to improve as permits have been passed so tankers can circulate this weekend” and “that we released from the strategic reserve“said Christophe Bechu, Minister of Environmental Transition on Saturday in an interview with Franceinfo. At noon this Saturday just overevery fifth gas station (20.7%) experienced difficulties with the supply of at least one species, according to the ministry.

CGT”repeats“his request”opening negotiations“, in an open letter to Patrick Pouillan, CEO of TotalEnergies, published this Saturday on Twitter. While the strike affects French refineries for ten days, the CGT speaks for itself “ready“limit your claims to wages only, for start discussionsstarting Monday“.

The negotiations reached an impasse

TotalEnergies CEO Patrick Pouyanne has not spoken publicly about the strike, but in an internal group video on Tuesday he acknowledged that “campaign results are exceptional in 2022″ and stated “we will not forget you“.

CGT requires a 10% increase. for 2022, 7% for inflation, 3% for “sharing of wealth“. She thinks that”modernization“January”insufficient“in mind”the actual rate of inflation” and “I hope for a positive answer» from a French tanker.

For its part, management recalls that it has approved wage measures in 2022 that represent an average increase of 3.5%, and refers to the 2023 wage negotiation session scheduled for November 15. This schedule seems inflexible.

The CFDT is not in favor of these ‘preventive strikes’

Invited to France Inter this Saturday, Laurent Berger admits that the staff “are right to demand a salary increase”, but according to the CFDT leader, “we didn’t have to” of this strike, especially at Total. “i guess”he said. “At Exxon, there are negotiations that continue to this day, we already have some achievements, we will continue to fight. At Total, negotiations open on November 15. The CFDT is not so much for pre-emptive strikes: it is for action when we discuss this topic.” – he clarifies. According to the general secretary of the CFDT, the CGT therefore advanced the negotiations unnecessarily.

Three oil refineries stopped

saturday three of the six French refineries were still closed, according to CGT: the largest TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy and two French refineries of the American Esso-ExxonMobil, where traffic was restored on Saturday. “About 70% of us are strikers“, Christoph Ober, elected CGT at ExxonMobil clarified, “it’s the same workforce every weekend so it doesn’t have to change and nothing goes out“.

In addition, at the TotalEnergies refinery in Fezine (Rhône), “at 6 a.m. the control room was 100% full of strikers.“said Pedro Afonso, elected by the CGT.”Usually, 250 to 300 trucks and 30 to 50 wagons pass through the line per day. nothing will come out“, he added, even if the refinery continues to produce products.

At TotalEnergies, in addition to the Normandy refinery, strikers have been mobilized en masse in recent days at the Flanders fuel depot near Dunkirk (Northern), at the “bio-refinery” in La Mede (Bouches du Rhône) and at the Grandpuyt fuel depot (Seine-et-Marne ), in particular, for limit the outflow of oil products as much as possiblereports CGT.

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