CFDT does not approve and prefers to “negotiate”

CFDT does not approve and prefers to "negotiate"

Its general secretary, Laurent Berger, is not in favor of “preemptive strikes.”

The strike at French refineries launched a few days ago by the CGT to demand higher wages is not justified at the moment, said Laurent Berger, general secretary of the CFDT, on Saturday, saying that negotiations must be held first. “CFDT, it’s (intended) not so much for preemptive strikesSaid Laurent Berger at France Inter.

The trade unionist, however, admitted that “Total and Exxon employees are right (with) demand an increase in wagesThe protests, which shut down three of six French refineries run by TotalEnergies or ExxonMobil after a strike launched by the CGT, are contributing to fuel shortages at French stations, where queues are building up.

Laurent Berger, however, criticized CGT’s decision to hire “only the balance of power, without going to the end of the logic that is to negotiate and write a compromise in an agreement“. At ExxonMobil, the discussions have already led to “a certain amount of progress”, in particular, suggested Mr Berger, whose position is traditionally more favorable to negotiations than that of the CGT.

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