“fuel check” from 100 to 200 euros, established from November 8

"fuel check" from 100 to 200 euros, established from November 8

The state allocates an envelope to people who are heated with this type of fuel and therefore did not use support measures for other energy sources.

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Assistance from 100 to 200 euros depending on income. For people who use this energy for heating, a “fuel check” will be sent from November 8. “This summer, Parliament voted in favor of a €230 million package to support affected households who could not benefit from the shield installed for other energy sources”– explained in an interview with West France (subscriber article), Saturday, October 8, Minister Delegate for Public Accounts.

“The fuel oil check can be requested from 8 November on the checkeenergie.fr website, where the simulator will let you know who is eligible”, – explains Gabriel Atal. If eligible households have already filled their fuel tank, the check remains valid for one year and may “to be used to pay electricity bills”– says the minister.

Bercy’s press release even specifies that this validation can be used “for payment of all types of energy (gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood pellets, etc.)” have the households refueled with fuel oil? The Ministry of Economy reminds about this “This fuel oil allowance will come in addition to the regular energy check that will be sent to around 6 million households in the spring and the exceptional energy check at the end of the year that will be sent to 40% of households (12 million households).”to cope with the 15% rise in gas and electricity prices expected in early 2023. According to the government, 1.4 million households could benefit from this inspection, out of the 2.8 million heating with fuel oil.

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