Citroën Berlingo Caselani, a modern 2CV van for €37,500 before tax

Citroën Berlingo Caselani, la 2CV Fourgonnette moderne à 37 500€ HT

Since 2017, Italian coachbuilder Caselani has been offering to transform the Citroën Jumper into a true modern H-type van thanks to a conversion kit with a very refined finish. A few months ago, the Italians attacked its little brother Citroën Berlingo, this time repeating the style of the legendary 2CV Fourgonnette, always with the same approach with a conversion kit with a polished finish.

Isn’t it cute with the look of the 2CV Fourgonnette?

And now we know the prices of Citroën Berlingo, redesigned by Caselani. The machine, available with classic Chevron heat engines, will cost from €37,500 before taxes with a 110 horsepower Puretech gasoline engine. For the 130-horsepower diesel, the bill will start at €39,000 before taxes. The Caselani Van also offers the 100% electric motor offered on the standard e-Berlingo (which is also on the Peugeot e-208 and all Peugeot, DS and Citroën compact models) with a 136bhp unit. powered by batteries with a capacity of 50 kWh. The price then rises to €49,000 before taxes.

Van Caselani price list
Van Caselani price list

Version for individuals

Note that there is also a privateer version in the model catalog, the e-Van based on the e-Berlingo Shine electric trim. But then the price rises to €59,000 before taxes, which is very expensive for a small van of this type. And if you already have a Citroën Berlingo, the Caselani conversion will cost you €16,800 before taxes.

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