Their Ouigo to Paris is cancelled, those Angumoisins are jumping on the TGV… 3hr 45min delay

Their Ouigo to Paris is cancelled, those Angumoisins are jumping on the TGV... 3hr 45min delay

From the beginning, the journey begins on the wrong path. “The SNCF app informed us that our Ouigo (cheap TGV) was delayed for 45 minutes from 21:23”, is going up Angumoisin, on his way with his wife for a weekend with the family. Passengers leave for Angouleme station around 9:30 p.m. Except their train is not displayed on any screen. “We couldn’t find anyone to tell us,” – grumbles Julien.

21:43 A train arrives at the platform. But this is not the Ouigo of our Charente. “It was the 21:43 TGV, the last one to Paris,” says Julien, now an SNCF timetable expert. Due to the lack of information about their train, the couple climbs into the train with the consent of the dispatcher. A few minutes after launch, they receive word that the initial Ouigo will not stop at Angoulême. Stop removed. Of course, due to the delay accumulated after his departure from Toulouse at the end of the day. Please let me know.

End of trouble? Oh no. Shortly before Poitiers, the train stopped and stood still for 2 hours and 30 minutes. “The Referral Problem”, Julien believes. Around half past midnight, the column returns to the railway. But because of the night schedule, “we should have taken the regular line, not the LGV”. An extra hour of travel. To finally arrive in Paris at 4 in the morning… Austerlitz, not Montparnasse. “It’s not death, but it’s a little long”laughs Julien that the Ouigo was due to land at 11:15pm if all went well.

Not offensive, the customer admits he was “experienced once on the train. They gave us food in Poitiers and transport vouchers to take a taxi on arrival”. A short night before the joys of Paris.

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