The 10 biggest differences between Apple and Android, the angry truth

The 10 biggest differences between Apple and Android, the angry truth

There are many daily debates that have been going on for a very long time: Which is better between unsalted butter and salted butter? Do we call it Wi-Fi or wifi? Is it better to buy an iPhone or Android phone? Of course, these questions have no place and this is just a sign of an uninteresting conversation, but we will try to answer the last question. Better still, we’re going to talk about the REAL differences between the two systems so we don’t have to say “We’ve been on Android for a long time” every so-called revolutionary release from Apple.

1. Apple Pay, how is it so good

One of Apple’s best technologies is Apple Pay and Apple Wallet. Samsung has developed a similar application, but unfortunately it is not that advanced yet: Some payment cards are not compatible, who knows why, and you cannot add meal cards. Google has also developed a similar app called Google Pay, but there are still vulnerabilities that make people reluctant to share payment information with the big bad Google.

2. Very irregular materials

When you buy an iPhone, you know you’re paying a blind price for something that can break if dropped from an 80cm high pocket BUT rest assured that the materials are tightly controlled by Apple and the risk of spoilage is high. very small. Android has as many brands as the stars in the sky, and they’re not all equal.

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3. The abused price of chargers

Even if you find 2 bullet chargers in Action, Claire’s, and even butchers, it is highly recommended not to use unofficial chargers to charge your phone because the voltage is not controlled (I say the words randomly but it is basically dangerous). For a full Apple charger (cable + power adapter), you have to pay 50€. It hurts. At their competitor Samsung, you can find them on the site for between € 15 and € 30; Good point for Android.

4. Safety is not really a priority

Android users have always appreciated this more open operating system: it allows downloading apps to change internal settings like keyboard, ringtones and more. The problem is that these apps are not safe: by installing a keyboard from an unknown app, you may be deprived of all the information you type on that keyboard, it’s a bit tedious when you have bank data. “We cannot guarantee that Android is designed to be secure,” said the head of the Android development team.

5. OS update crashing your phone

After a few years, Apple phones can no longer support new iOS updates and therefore it is impossible to install them. You can continue to download updates on Android, but the phone, which has problems supporting these new features, is gradually losing its capabilities.

On average, an iPhone will outlast an Android phone in the same price range as Samsung, but we can’t be sure Apple Addicts throws their iPhones away (and no matter how much) as soon as a new one goes on sale. in yellow box).

6. Message bubbles in Messenger

Apple is often ahead of other phone brands, but there’s one thing iPhone users are always jealous of: Messenger bubbles. On Android, you can exit the Messenger app by holding a chat bubble in one corner of the screen to respond by doing something else. Don’t be jealous iPhone fans.

7. Airdrop, iPhone only revolution

Sending photos or songs via Bluetooth was a typical trick of the 2000s, and iPhone users get a little taste of nostalgia with the awesome AirDrop. The idea is to be able to send anything and everything between Apple users, and there isn’t anything this perfect for Android yet.

8. Interruption of communication with messages between Apple and Android

Communication between iPhone and Android has been tense since Apple introduced iMessages. The quality of the photos is atrocious, you can’t send voice messages or reactions, and sending videos is a constant struggle. Overall, Android users have given up on the messages app.

9. Ability to add SD card

Besides the latest models, Android phones have the advantage of being able to accommodate a great SD card. It costs a lot less than a Cloud, you can recover your data if your phone falls in the toilet without losing it, and it saves you from crying because you no longer have gigabytes available.

10. Moving pictures, wow so good

What’s better than Apple’s Live Photos? Actually a lot of things, this thing doesn’t really work.

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