Petrol shortage: here are the restrictions in place in Ile-de-France and Oise

Petrol shortage: here are the restrictions in place in Ile-de-France and Oise

Part of French gas stations are experiencing a shortage of gasoline after a strike that began a few days ago at the TotalEnergies refinery, which forced the prefects of some departments of Ile-de-France to take action. Almost everywhere in front of stations that deliver precious fuel, queues stretch for tens of meters. And faced with motorists filling up jerrycans for fear of running out of gas in the coming weeks, the state has had to take action in some departments. Here are the restrictions in place in Ile-de-France and Oise.


Oise Prefecture issued a decree this Saturday late in the day banning the sale of gasoline in any jerry can or jerry can type containers and favoring guardians. “Gas station operators will set up priority access for medical, secondary and medical and social staff. provided with a professional card or a certificate from the employer”, – clarifies the prefecture, which urges drivers to go to the station only in case of urgent need. “Delivery to service stations can be provided on weekends,” the prefecture assures.

Val d’Oise

Faced with the department’s “massive influx of drivers at stations,” the Val d’Oise prefecture also banned the sale of gasoline in containers until October 12.

A sign of the palpable tension is that late in the morning a man took out a hammer and threatened a gas station attendant at the Deuil-la-Barre station for letting a nurse pass. The driver was detained and taken into custody.


The same restrictions have been imposed by the Seine-Saint-Denis prefecture, which is also urging residents to exercise good citizenship to avoid overcrowding.

Seine and Marne

In the Seine and the Marne, restrictive measures are still irrelevant. However, the prefect admits that “possible avenues of reflection” continue on the subject, such as a ban on the sale of petrol in jerrycans. “But nothing has been decided yet. »


There are currently no restrictions in place in Ivlin, with the prefecture reporting a “stable” and even “improving” situation, even if the situation is a matter of “high vigilance”. This Saturday, around 2:00 p.m., 54 of the department’s 142 service stations ran out of diesel fuel, 16 ran out of gasoline, and 12 ran out of stock.

No decree has been adopted yet Essoneat Parisin Art Haute-de-Seine and in Val de Marne. TotalEnergies unions said on Saturday that they are ready to “start negotiations on Monday” on the subject of salary increases to “get out of this deadlock as soon as possible”.

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