Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the longest development game in history – News

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is the longest development game in history - News

Duke Nukem Forever is a textbook case. Announced with frenetic success from Apogee Software in 1997 and then 3D Realms, this game takes on the trappings of an ambitious game using the brand new and flashy Quake II engine at the outset of its development. The sequence of events is less bright, with gradual delays, chaotic new beginnings, and acrobatic technology changes. It only sees the light of day in 2011, rescued by Gearbox Software, bloodless and patched with visions. game design contradictory. An industrial accident because he had to, and a stab in the throat of his driver’s license. The Beyond Good & Evil 2 thing turned out to be more ambiguous. Announced at the beginning of a cinematic scene in 2008, Ubisoft’s name only makes itself felt in small touches, especially due to an initial setback just two years after development began. The first parenthesis of a long line, BGE 2 It was only talked about again at E3 for a while, with more or less reassuring conversations about the site’s good performance. At least until 2018.

After the first trailer during the California show of the same year, a discussion and another video on the collaborative aspect of creating visual elements Gameplay In December it was announced that the game will pass its lineup in 2019. regiment around future information about the narrative direction. Which will never happen. In 2020, famed game-thinking head Michel Ancel left Ubisoft on the backdrop of toxic management, and the project seemed to make concessions to say the least. However, Beyond Good & Evil 2, which has not been officially canceled, was released last April. narrative designer Sarah Arellano from Blizzard. Now the heir to a not-so-prestigious crown, the project seems to thrive in a certain artistic ambiguity from which it’s hard to see coming out.

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