From 100 to 200 euros for heating, the French are concerned

From 100 to 200 euros for heating, the French are concerned

This Thursday, September 14, Gabriel AtalThe minister’s delegate, who is responsible for public accounts, noted that the heating of houses with oil or wood could use some help. In particular, it can reach 200 euros and the government has just announced the payment date. It comes from an envelope 230 million euros intended for households oblivious to the tariff shield voted through parliament this summer. 1.6 million households worried.

This Saturday, October 8, the government detailed terms of payment checks of energy fuel oil. According to Bercy’s press release, it will start rolling out from the next one is November 8. Its amount is calculated according to household incomes and the number of people in the family. Indeed, while nearly 3 million households in France have oil-fired boilers, only slightly more than half are eligible for this benefit.

Energy audit for houses heated with fuel oil

“We are also aware the difficulties of the French, often among the most dangerous, heated not by gas or electricity, but by oil or wood. This summer, parliament voted in favor of a €230m package to help those currently filling their tanks. », – Elizabeth Bourne said in mid-September. In the Assembly, the LR amendment offering €230 million in aid was voted down with the opposition Nupes, LR and RN alliance. The government, for its part, advocated a limited measure 50 million euros.

Benefit payments vary by family. l’sending is automatic for those who have already used an energy check to pay their fuel bill in the past. Other eligible persons must do theirs online requestfrom November 8, on a special website, Gabriel Atal shared in an interview for Western France. The check will be issued next month. ” All you have to do is send your fuel bill to get help.” – he told our colleagues.

A simulator to test your suitability

To check them out Conditions of admissibility, the French have the opportunity to pass the simulator. Thus, a single person with at least one child will receive the minimum wage 200 euro. A single person on minimum wage without children will receive, 100 euros. A single woman with two children earning around €3,000 net per month will receive €100.

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Assistance that can be combined with other energy vouchers

this verification can be combined with the usual energy check. ” Interested households do not need to wait for this energy check to be sent to fill up the fuel tank. Eligible households who have already filled their gas tank when they receive their check will not lose their benefits. Indeed, this fuel allowance, which takes the form of an energy voucher, can be used to pay all types of invoices energy. (Gas, electricity, fuel oil, wood pellets, etc.) Bersi added in his press release.

This help is coming in addition a routine energy check sent out to 6 million households in the spring. An extraordinary end-of-year energy audit will also be sent to 40% of households. As for help for fuel, they will go until the end of October. The government rebate is currently 30 cents per liter and 20 cents per liter at TotalEnergies.

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