10 actors who regret being in a movie #season2

10 actors who regret being in a movie #season2

Whether the movies are a huge success or a total failure, all these actors and actresses have one thing in common: they regret one of their roles! Bad timing, unconvincing script, deleted scenes… find out in this article why they didn’t appreciate their career choice.

Jared Leto cut during the editing of the film Suicide Squad

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Heavily invested in his role as the Joker, Jared Leto, however, had quite a few scenes cut during the editing process from the production…and he didn’t plan on it at all! Could he be the damn Joker? Possible!

Julia Roberts and the disastrous filming of Hook or the Revenge of Captain Hook


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Participating in this film was especially difficult and chaotic for Julia Roberts, who was going through a difficult period in her life, between the annulment of her marriage to Kiefer Sutherland and her repeated absences. The actress often complained about the loneliness she felt off the set. She was so capricious that Spielberg himself allegedly argued with her. The actress would even insult him with “sinister deception”. Enjoy the atmosphere! It was definitely not a fairy tale for the actress or the rest of the film crew.

Andrew Garfield was unconvinced by his role in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2

the amazing-spider-man-2

© Marvel Studios

While the actor doesn’t officially regret his role as Spider-Man, he does regret the huge gap between the script he originally read and the final result on screen. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Andrew Garfield spoke on the subject: Once you start removing pieces, the red thread breaks and it’s hard to keep it all together. Some people at the studio had problems with certain passages and the studio has the final say on these kinds of films…”. And yes, the read versions can be very different from the filmed versions!

Ian McKellen cried while filming the movie The Hobbit

The Hobbit

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For Ian McKellen, filming the The Hobbit it was particularly difficult. What bothered him most was the omnipresence of green screens rather than actual sets. A process that is so difficult for the actor, who finds it “pathetic” that he even shed a tear at the end of his first day of shooting. Who deigns to go give Grandpa Gandalf a comforting hug?

Richard Gere doesn’t like his role as the rich prince Beautiful woman


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This was revealed by Richard Gere, interviewed by the Australian magazine Woman’s Day Beautiful woman was his least favorite film of his career. He even goes so far as to call it a “dumb romantic comedy.” As a result, the Prince Charming archetype is far from him!

Daniel Radcliffe turned out to be a bad actor Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter

© Warner Bros.

Sometimes actors can be very hard on themselves and Daniel Radcliffe is no exception. For the actor, goodbye Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince not an easy task when you know he doesn’t think his performance fits the evolution of his character. In fact, he just found that he wasn’t playing well enough! This does not prevent him from always having a special place in the hearts of viewers.

Sean Connery hated acting James Bond

James Bond

© United Artists

Sean Connery hated the image of James Bond! As a result, playing him was not pure pleasure for the actor, who found his character to be nothing more than a “dumb and prosaic English policeman”! Not to mention he even admitted that in addition to hating him, he’d like to kill him. In addition, the actor was regularly followed by paparazzi on the set, which he also strongly disliked.

Michelle Pfeiffer regrets her involvement grease 2


© Paramount Pictures

Michelle Pfeiffer undoubtedly considers the film grease 2 far from equal to the first! It must be said that she even found it very bad: “I hated that movie, I was young and I didn’t know what I was getting into,” she confided about her role.

Ryan Reynolds for Green lantern

Green lantern

© DCEntertainment

Luckily, Ryan Reynolds is known for his sense of humor! It’s true that if there’s a superhero movie that flopped that audiences remember, this is it Green lantern ! The actor uses this failure in the form of a recurring running gag, for whom it is important to know how to laugh at himself: The most important thing that has happened to me in my career is to always laugh at myself.

Carrie Fisher regrets the success of the movies star Wars

princess leia

© Lucasfilm

Agreeing to play Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher was far from suspecting the huge success that the saga would experience star Wars. The actress, too uncomfortable with fame, said that if she had known, she would never have accepted the role.

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