How to buy Monero (XMR) in 2022? The most famous anonymous crypto

Comment acheter du Monero (XMR) en 2022 ? La crypto anonyme la plus connue

Want to buy Monero but not sure what to do? With this guide, you will own XMR tokens in just a few minutes using Binance, a regulated platform in France.

On which exchange can you buy Monero?

For buy monero, you must first select the exchange on which you will make the purchase. Note that since XMR is a completely anonymous cryptocurrency, there are only a few exchanges that offer it.

However, you can make your choice between XMR providers according to many criteria such as purchase and withdrawal fees or platform ergonomics.

The most reputable platform offering Monero is Binance. It is the industry leader with over 30 million active users in 2022. Here’s why we recommend using Binance to buy XMR with just a few clicks.

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Below you will find some data about Monero on the two main platforms for buying XMR crypto:

Buying Monero with Binance: How To

Here you will find the procedure for buy Monero with Binanceplatform that has received PSAN registration with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), making it a trusted exchange.

First, create a Binance account by clicking the following button to get 10% off your fees for life:

The reference platform for buying and trading more than 600 cryptos

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On the page that appears, click “Register by phone or email”, fill in the required fields, then click ” Create a profile “.

the next, Verify your account, as required by the French regulator. To do this, bring an ID and follow the steps shown on Binance.

Binance will review your request as soon as possible. Once your account is verified, it’s time to move on to buying Monero. So in the upper left corner of the Binance interface, click on the ” Buy crypto » :

Binance payment method selection

Here you choose the deposit method: credit card (1.8% fee) or bank transfer (1 euro fee). In this tutorial we choose “ Bank account » because the fees are the lowest with this payment method:

Buy BNB Binance Transfer

Check if you have selected the currency ” euro then continue:

Buy Monero XMR Binance

In this window, select the correct assets for your purchase, or ” US dollar ” within ” I spend ” and ” XMR ” within ” Get it “.

Then enter the amount in Euros you want to invest in crypto XMR. In this example we buy for 100 EUR and the conversion to XMR is automatic.

Finally, you just need to make the transfer to the specified account to finalize the purchase of your XMR tokens. If you choose the credit card to buy your XMR, fill in your information and make the payment as on an e-commerce platform.

congratulations! You now own XMR tokens! You are free to use them as you see fit now, such as sending them to an external wallet.

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What is Monero?

on XMR is a crypto on the Monero blockchain. This is a project that has a reputation for sulfur as XMR is a cryptocurrency providing complete anonymity default for its users. In other words, transactions there are untraceable.

Monero was created with a purpose preserves the privacy of its users, unlike Bitcoin. In fact, the latter is only a pseudonym, since it is possible to trace transactions to a wallet by analyzing the blockchain. This is completely impossible to do with Monero.

Thus, all important information is hidden in the Monero blockchain: amounts and wallet addresses of the recipient and the sender of a transaction. To do this, several cryptographic techniques are used: hidden addresses, circular signatures, confidential transactions or even armored.

Therefore, the cryptocurrency XMR has become a a popular alternative for darknet payments and illegal activities (e.g. ransom demands). However, people who simply want to benefit from a high level of privacy are likely to use it.

Finally, this is a project that has at its core a high level of decentralization. Monero’s blockchain runs on a proof-of-work algorithm and anyone can easily start mining XMR because unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using such algorithms, Monero doesn’t require any specific mining hardware to be mined. Most CPUs and graphics cards are capable of this.

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Buying Monero in 2022, a good plan?

Monero is located in 30th position in the ranking of cryptocurrencies the most valued in the market at the time of writing these lines. It is the most popular anonymous cryptocurrency, far ahead of its main competitor, Zcash.

However, the price of XMR has dropped by about 77% from its peak in May 2021. Primarily attributed to the bear market we are experiencing, this correction was less brutal than those in the price of most other cryptocurrencies, which could see drops of around 80 to 90%.

Therefore, Monero has little hold up better in this bear market so far. Therefore, it is pertinent to ask whether this cryptocurrency still has potential in 2022. For this, we need to look at its usage and financial regulators.

Regarding its activity, an average of 25,000 transactions are processed every day in 2022, indicating continued activity despite the bear market. Although activity has fallen slightly since 2021, it remains high, with new peaks even recorded, especially in the summer of 2022.

Monero also has a fairly high level of decentralization, thanks to its algorithm, which makes mining it very affordable. The project is supported by a community with strong values regarding privacy.

Additionally, every six months Monero goes through a hard fork to continuously guarantees the security and anonymity of transactions.

This is very important because Monero also has many opponents who would like to see it fall: especially the financial regulators. It is the number 1 anonymous cryptocurrency and therefore the number 1 target of these regulators.

Thus, in the last few years, many (centralized) exchanges have had no choice but to do so remove XMR from your bid. As of today, there are few platforms left offering Monero, and this could potentially get worse in the future. Then it will be more complicated to sell your XMR tokens legally.

Anyway, we advise you do your own thorough research to decide whether to buy XMR is interesting in 2022

The reference platform for buying and trading more than 600 cryptos

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Monero

How long has Monero been around?

Monero was launched in April 2014 as a fork of Bytecoin, a now-discontinued cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market that has managed to withstand many bear markets.

Is XMR only used as a currency?

Yes, Monero is a an anonymous cryptocurrency that has no other purpose than to make transactions untraceable. Thus, the XMR token only allows you to transfer value, buy or sell, completely anonymously.

Are Monero transactions really anonymous?

Yes transactions are completely opaque for anyone who wants to follow them. However, if you hold XMR tokens on an exchange, note that since your identity is linked to your account on the exchange, you will not benefit from any anonymity in this case.

Is not only with an external wallet you can enjoy complete privacy with Monero. Finally, this is a rapidly changing industry and it is unclear whether Monero’s architecture will be able to protect its users in the future. Since its inception (8 years), however, this has always been the case.

Can XMR be removed from all exchanges?

This is a possibility you should consider before buying XMR. It is quite possible in the future, it is no longer possible to get XMR on an exchange platform as financial authorities around the world continue to regulate the sector. This type of cryptocurrency is really seen very badly from the last ones.

Monero above all, given its reputation and its architecture that makes transactions opaque by default. If so, buying or selling XMR tokens will become much more complicated.

How to track XMR rate and price?

If you want to know XMR price in euros or dollars, our XMR crypto price watch page will meet your needs. It will also provide you with various essential information related to Monero, such as its price graph, total valuation, or the number of XMR tokens in circulation.

Securing your XMR, how to proceed?

If you want to protect your XMR you should use a a wallet supporting the Monero blockchain. Native Monero wallets are therefore ideal for: Monero GUI or My Monero.

For more security, you can refer to physical wallets of the French company Ledgerdesigned to provide a high level of security for storing your XMR and other cryptocurrencies.

The French unicorn of crypto wallets

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