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Total dry gas station map?  Where to refuel?

Shortage of gasoline. Will the fuel shortage end soon? Why is there no more petrol at Total? We analyze the latest news and a map to find petrol and diesel near you.

[Mis à jour le 9 octobre 2022 à 10h27] As of Sunday, October 9, 2022, fuel shortages continue in France. The day before Saturday, 20.7% of gas stations were struggling to fill up, according to the latest figures released by the government. That is why several prefectures have decided to take measures to ensure that medical workers, in particular, do not run out of fuel and can provide care. The Oise prefecture, for example, has decided to ban the sale of gasoline in jerrycans or jerry cans. It specifies: “Gas station operators will establish priority access for medical, midwifery and medical and social staff. provided with a professional card or certificate from the employer.” In Seine-Saint-Denis, it was decided not to allow the sale of fuel in containers.

Can we hope for a quick end to the fuel shortage? The government is trying to appease. As the French fear a fuel shortage and one in five gas stations faced supply problems on Friday, members of the executive are making more frequent media appearances to explain good behavior to motorists. In particular, this concerns the Minister of Environmental Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Bechu, in an interview with Franceinfo: “There is a theme, it will not end in panic, which means that motorists are telling themselves that because there will be a shortage, they rush to the station , when they are open,” he explained on Saturday, October 8.

We sound the alarm on the part of medical professionals. “We are facing big problems everywhere in France. We are forced to optimize our tours, even if it means eliminating the least urgent meetings,” John Pint, president of the National Union of Liberal Nurses (Sniil), explains to the Parisian. Similarly, Serge Smadja, secretary general of SOS Médecin, is concerned: “The situation is very tense. We manage to continue working, but there may be local difficulties if the doctors have nothing left in the tank and they will have to struggle to find an open station.’

To deal with these difficulties, measures have been announced, including allowing the movement of tankers this Sunday, October 9. “We are in the process of improving the situation, it will take two or three days a priori. Based on the fact that tankers can repatriate from Belgium and from Rouen, and to facilitate things, we are releasing part of our strategic stocks,” Energy Transition Minister Agnes Panier-Runacher already assured BFMTV on Thursday evening. Between a 20-centime-per-litre fuel discount at TotalEnergies petrol stations and an in-house strike demanding higher wages, which is now in its second week, the economic situation has fuel shortages in some places.

Where is the shortage of gasoline?

The situation gradually worsened in a number of regions. In Île-de-France or Bouches-du-Rhône quickly suffered as the weekend approached, Hauts-de-France was added, especially in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. The giant’s message assures “that there is no shortage of fuel because TotalEnergies has stockpiled and is currently importing regularly.” The group also explains that since the beginning of September, there has been a “significant inflow into the STA.” [leur] gas station network (+ about 30%)”. There remains the final decision, already made in recent days by many motorists: to turn to competitors and other fuel suppliers, even if it means paying more.

There are several ways to find out where to refuel and which stations do not. First of all, the Mon Essence app offers a statement based on the feedback of users who report dry stations. The project is 100% joint.

You can also find a map of French STAs below. This is “instant information” on fuel prices in France, provided by the Ministry of the Economy and available on the official website: https://www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr/

  • By zooming in and clicking on a point on the map, you can display all information about the station and scroll through the prices of each fuel with the arrows.
  • Fuel that is out of stock is either clearly marked on the map or missing from stations
  • The outlet concerned must declare its station and prices to the Ministry. Some groups, such as Total, also provide data that is sometimes more detailed. You can find it on the Total website.

What is the shortage of gasoline in Paris? List of stations

Above you will find a list published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website.

What is the shortage of gasoline in Marseille? List

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website, and focused on Marseille, is available above.

What is the shortage of gasoline in Lyon? List

A map published based on feedback from users of the Mon Essence.fr app and website and focused on Lyon is available above.

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