“Tomorrows that sing to future generations that cry”

André Comte-Sponville, éditorialiste à Challenges

Whether it’s pensions, national debt, climate change or biodiversity, it’s fashionable to look to future generations. And of course, we have good reason to worry about it. But be careful not to make him a judge of the peace in all our conflicts. In a democracy the people of the present are sovereign, not those of the next century. Let’s not count on our great-grandchildren to decide for us.

For the sixty-eighters, or baby boomers, of which I am one, the change in picture is no less spectacular. The future has turned its coat. He was a promise, especially on the left. Here he turns into a scarecrow. We have gone from rosy tomorrows to crying future generations, from utopias to dystopias, from progressives to decadents, from revolutionaries to collapsologists. Not without deception in both cases. The future, by definition, never exists.

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