Hebdo Crypto #211 – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

Hebdo Crypto #200 - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News of the Week

The week of 03/10 in short – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news is constantly bubbling. It can happen that important information gets lost in the daily information flow and you miss important points. This format is there to fix that. We return tonews from the past weekCrypto Weekly to inform you about the current state of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto news in a nutshell

Mining company Rhodium Entreprises Inc wants to go public. Thus, according to Bloomberg, Rhodium Enterprises wants to join some of its peers on the Nasdaq stock exchanges.

MicroStrategy wants to get hands-on with Lightning Network. So the company is looking for a software engineer familiar with Lightning Network technology.

Reduced unexpected Ethereum block time after The Merge. In this way, the block time has been reduced by nearly 9%, resulting in an increase in the number of blocks produced each day.

First arrest in the Terra Luna case. Terra’s general affairs manager Yoo Moo was arrested without further information being released.

Artist Beeple victim of hacking of his Discord. In this way, an attacker was able to replace the Discord link to redirect to a server full of phishing links.

Russia Tightens Sanctions Against Cryptocurrencies. In fact, the country simply blocked access to the OKX exchange platform.

The MiCA Regulation approved by the European Council. From now on, the text will have to be approved by a vote of the Economic Commission.

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The 5 indicators of the week

100 million dollarsThis is for amount in BTC developing on the Lightning Network. After several years of feverish growth, the web experienced a new frenzy starting in mid-2021.

500 million dollarsit is the amount that was stolen by a hacker in the Binance Token Hub hack. Thus he was able to generate false evidence and fool the bridge.

$1.26 millionit is the fine Kim Kardashian will have to pay to the SEC. In fact, the SEC is suing her in connection with a hidden cryptocurrency advertisement.

300it is the number of NFTs held by the defunct Three Arrows Capital that will be liquidated. Thus, the NFTs must be resold as part of the liquidation of the investment fund.

1 million dollarsThis is for amount that was stolen from the Sovryn protocol. As a reminder, Sovryn is a DeFi protocol running on the RSK sidechain of Bitcoin.

Tweet of the week

on a tweet of the week amounts to @SalomonCrypto And his full introduction to the Casper FFG consensus mechanism used by the Ethereum network in Proof of Stake.

Have a great week at Journal du Coin! 🙂

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