With the energy crisis, this baker’s bills are exploding

With the energy crisis, this baker's bills are exploding

ENERGY – How many of them will have to go bankrupt? The rising cost of electricity and gas worries everyone, but this period is especially difficult for bakers. Depending on their stoves, giant dough mixers and other energy-intensive equipment, these craftsmen today receive staggering bills from the energy supplier.

Almost everywhere in France, bakeries say they are threatened with closure. These small and medium-sized enterprises are adapting as best they can, raising the prices of products (and sometimes a baguette) or turning off the stoves at the beginning of the day. In Facebook a “Day of National Mourning for Artisan Bakers” scheduled for October 25 offers us a day to draw the curtain to kill the anxiety and remind us that “nearby shops are very important”.

As you can see in the video at the top of the articleAxel Goury, owner of a bakery in Neuilly-sur-Marne (Seine-Saint-Denis), saw his electricity bill more than double this summer to €2,162 for June, compared to €937 a year earlier (for such the same number of kilowatt-hours).

In the microphone HuffPost, the baker claims to be dreading the coming months. ” We are completely in the dark. We don’t know where we are going “, he worries. Angry at the suppliers, the master considers them “military speculators”, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which affects energy prices. The entrepreneur also explains that he is forced to juggle the inflation of his raw materials (flour, eggs, milk, etc.).

Charter signed by suppliers

Glass factories, barbers, butchers… In addition to bakery and confectionery, many sectors that require high consumption of electricity are expecting a push in the face of this galloping inflation.

Therefore, on October 5, the Minister of Economy received suppliers in Bercy to sign the Charter aimed at protecting companies. The latter undertake to make a commercial offer at the request of the entrepreneur. For his part, Minister Bruno Le Maire also announced a cap on the price of electricity for producers, which should help businesses and communities.

In the charter, energy suppliers promised to warn customers who do not qualify for a regulated electricity tariff “at least two months” until the renewal or termination of the contract.

The minister warned that when “abusive behavior” remained, they would “sanctioned”based on investigations by the Anti-Fraud Commission and the Commission on Energy Regulation (CRE).

To help companies better decipher the proposals, CRE, the energy police, will also publish on its website in the coming days “Reference Price” electricity, renewed weekly. Targeted at companies with fewer than 250 employees, this information will be broken down according to the profiles of several professional consumers. “We Won’t Let You Down”promised the Minister of Economy “all businesses”who reminded of the existence of an aid envelope of 3 billion euros.

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