Dragonflight Season 1 First Details for Mythic+ Dungeons – World of Warcraft

Dragonflight Season 1 First Details for Mythic+ Dungeons - World of Warcraft

First test session of Mythic+ dungeons, as Zahko reported overnight dragon flight will take place in the Closed Beta this weekend. This started a few hours ago and will end at 1pm on Tuesday. Two dungeons are accessible, Pools of Ruby Essence and Vault of Azure, as well as Thundering, a prototype of the new add-on.

A few changes are coming to Mythic+ mode dragon flightand the developers are sharing details about it today. Remember that nothing is final yet.

Seasonal Dungeon Spins

If you’ve done Mythic+ in more than one season, you can enter the dungeon by repeatedly searching for an item and do the same in the next season. It’s not a good experience and the developers want to do something about it.

With dragon flight, all dungeons will be rotated each season. This will enhance the experience by:

  • Mythic+, where raiders live with new raids, provides more exploration and advancement to its players each season.

The fun thing about Mythic+ is getting better through experience in a dungeon, but opportunities to learn and heal become rare while a dungeon remains active.

  • Keep the level of effort required for the best rewards the same each season.

Learning a new raid can be fun, but the relative ease of completing the Mythic+ dungeons everyone has mastered the previous season can put heavy social pressure to spend time in Mythic+ even if it’s not your favorite activity.

  • Make room for returning players to go to Mythic+ even if they missed the previous season.

Imagine taking a break from Season 1 and returning to Season 2, joining the Mythic+ group and feeling like you’re holding back because everyone knows a strategy you haven’t had a chance to learn. Everyone starts on a relatively even level with the dungeons rotating each season and learns new strategies together.

Season Supplements

Legendary + attachments have been around for years. What purposes do they serve and why do developers create new ones?

  • These play a role in the corruption of the game. You’ve been playing the same dungeon for over a year, and adding new twists helps keep them interesting.
  • These give an opportunity to add a theme and give each season an identity. It’s fun when N’Zoth or Denathrius can raid Mythic+ dungeons by raiding at the same time.
  • They are a way to try and experiment with new ideas. Those that do well can be saved for future seasons, while those that don’t are discarded.

As interesting as the season additions are, there are also limitations. Because of their relatively high complexity and strong seasonal ties, they are often lost when the season ends. While attachments have trial value, they don’t contribute to Mythic+ as much in the long run as the team would like.

A side effect of the advent of dungeon rotation is that the season addon is the ‘main thing’ that turns your game into a new season, relieving the pressure of giving developers the ability to think about what might happen next. Should the team try to make additions that could become regulars in future seasons? Should they be cast aside in favor of something else? Many options can be considered.

An experimental version of the season supplement Thundering is available in beta. This will still take many iterations and likely change how it works, but it does give some idea of ​​the level of complexity developers would like to see about them. dragon flight. Since you’ll already be learning a new set of dungeons, Season Additions can be less complex and more theme-centric (still provide space to try new things).

You will also notice a reduction in the amount of ‘temporary power’ seasonal supplements offer. A high level of impact has been achieved, although the feedback for attachments with beneficial effects has been positive and something developers are still eager to explore. shadowsthis greatly contributed to the effect described above.

Developers will keep an eye on feedback during testing sessions and can try other guidelines if it doesn’t work as expected. For example, there is a world where beneficial effects are close to each other. shadows, it also makes enemies harder to compensate for this extra power. The team wants to continue experimenting with Mythic+ and hopes players will enjoy seeing a bigger experience difference each season. dragon flight.

Legendary+ Frequent Player Award

With shadowsThe developers observed a trend where players who mastered a number of Mythic+ dungeons saw their sense of progression short-circuited in subsequent seasons.

This is a complex topic that ties in to many of the above, but something is lost when the best gear you can get in Mythic+ isn’t something you can get by putting in the time and effort to be really good at this challenge.

This doesn’t mean the developers want to make Mythic+ any less rewarding. This is one of the pillars of the endgame. World of Warcraft and dedicated players should have access to competitive rewards.

The developers want Mythic+ to have a more progressive feel to the keys as you level up, and reflect that for the hardware. Two major changes will be made.

  • Starting at key level 11, developers increase the rate at which enemies gain health and damage from 8% to 10% with each high key.

The impact of this change isn’t drastic, but it should help give each stage a deeper sense of progress and make it easier for developers to increase rewards.

  • Item level rewards are adjusted for both the end of the crazy chests and the Grand Vault, and the item level scaling is increased to level 20.

The developers are also introducing an additional tier of Valor upgrades that will increase the maximum item level of Valor upgrades that players can unlock with higher Mythic+ ratings.

Legendary+ Rewards

Keys end of trip big safe
+2 376 382
+3 376 385
+4 379 385
+5 379 389
+6 382 389
+7 385 392
+8 385 395
+9 389 398
+10 392 398
+11 392 402
+12 392 405
+13 392 408
+14 395 408
+15 398 411
+16 398 415
+17 402 415
+18 402 418
+19 405 418
+20 405 421

Bravery Upgrades

Improvements Item level Evaluation
one 376
2 379
3 382
4 385
5 389
6 392
7 395 600
8 398 1,000
9 402 1,000
10 405 1,400
11th 408 1,700
12 411 2,000
13 415 2,400

Shorter attachment return

A few regular attachments will be set aside and the number of weeks in the attachment rotation will be reduced.

In Season 1 dragon flight, Inspiring and Necrotic attachments are on hiatus and attachment rotation will be reduced from 12 weeks to 10 weeks. Various targets for this change.

  • Inspirational was a good addition to changing your game once you learned about the dungeon, but this can be very punishing if you’re still learning. This didn’t seem to fit the emphasis placed on dungeon learning every season.
  • Necrotic was originally an add-on designed to challenge tanks, but the responsibility of tanking already places a heavy burden on these players in Mythic+, so this add-on is being shelved.
  • With an overall shorter attachment rotation, the developers hope to reduce the perceived difficulty disparity between weeks and allow players to more consistently feel that they’ve made significant progress in increasing their Mythic+ score.

The developers are excited to see the result and can’t wait to try out the additional changes in Season 2 and beyond. While it is still too early to guarantee anything, this could include changes such as changing attachments, the level at which different types of attachments become active, or perhaps trying a new category of attachments.

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