which departments are affected by the restrictions?

which departments are affected by the restrictions?

As of midday Saturday, one in five service stations were experiencing supply problems, according to the Department of Energy.

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Lines of cars that are getting longer and fuel shortages that continue. One in five service stations (20.7%) experienced difficulties with the delivery of at least one product on Saturday 8 October at midday. This is slightly more than on Friday (19%), according to the data of the Ministry of Energy. Faced with this critical situation, several prefectures have decided to adopt restrictive measures or establish priority access for security and emergency services. Here is a map of the agencies that deal with these provisions, mostly in the north of the country.

To the north are the Pas de Calais and the Sommeit is forbidden to fill canisters at STA from Wednesday, October 5. In Pas de Calais, 41% of stations experienced delivery problems on Saturday, compared to 52% on Thursday. In the North, these indicators also slightly decreased (39% against 47% on Thursday), the ministry reports. The three prefects summon the drivers “citizenship” and to one “civic behavior”.

In the Vosges and Val d’Oiseprefectures also passed an order to ban the sale of fuel in canisters from Friday until Wednesday, October 12.

In EnaThe prefecture has banned since Friday, and until Thursday, October 13 “sale, purchase, distribution and transportation of fuel in any hand container”. The establishment of priority queues for emergency and rescue services, medical and mid-level medical personnel, as well as persons exercising state authority was also announced at certain sites from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Prefecture auaz did the same from saturday.

In Vaucluse, the limitations go further. In addition to the ban on filling jerrycans and jerry cans until Tuesday, October 11, the prefect decided to limit the sale and purchase of fuel to a maximum of 30 liters for individuals and 120 liters for professional vehicles over 3.5 tons to allow as many motorists as possible to refuel. Public service vehicles or companies with a public service mission are not affected by this restriction.

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