Mark Simoncini opens the curtain on Angell Bikes’ global ambitions

Mark Simoncini opens the curtain on Angell Bikes' global ambitions

Angell Bike, a smart bicycle made in France, is preparing to conquer the world. Marc Simoncini, the founder of the brand, opens the ambitious project and opens the curtain on the next version.

The Angell Bike is one of the few bikes made in France available to the general public. Launched in 2019 by Marc Simoncini, founder of Meetic and member of the Daphni investment fund, this two-wheeler has already reached maturity and its future is already in the pipeline.

This entrepreneur is a cycling enthusiast. He created two brands: Heroin for custom racing bikes and Angell, a smart and light (less than 17kg) electric bike designed for everyday city commuting. The first is aimed at a limited audience. The vocation of the second is to impose itself on the whole world with ambitions to become an alternative to the car.

“We are preparing fundraising to launch in other European countries,” Mark Simoncini admitted during the program “On the morning” on BFM Business.

Europe, North America and Asia

A small startup expects large-scale development in several stages and over several years. First Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Spain), then North America and Asia.

“It will require a lot of adaptations, because in countries where the temperature can be -20°, the battery does not behave like it does in Paris. The same is true for countries like the United States, which have a larger population and have different laws, such as a speed limit of 45 km/h instead of 25 km/h. This is a technological complexity,” explains Mark Simoncini.

In this project, Angell relies on its shareholder partner SEB, which assembles bicycles in France, training its staff in this new activity. Such a connection between a technology startup and a two-hundred-year-old industrialist is rare. Groupe SEB has factories all over the world. Therefore, Angell’s technology could be exported to a plant in Vietnam to produce for Asia, or to Canada for the US market.

“We have allowed them to diversify and in return they bring us their industry know-how. Without SEB, we would not have been able to make 165 process improvements. Because we made 165 mistakes in the beginning, you have to admit it,” admits Mark Simoncini.

Angell freighter in two years?

Angelo’s other project is the development of a new model in addition to the two that already exist – a sporty, light and fast one, and a cruiser equipped for the city and more comfortable.

“Our mission is the decarbonization of cities. Our focus is on getting more bikes and fewer hot cars in cities. We think in the categories of the city and make bikes to go to work.”

Will the future Angel be a freighter? Mark Simoncini doesn’t say that, but he doesn’t rule it out either. The answer is, of course, in the question, but it will take another two years to find out. In any case, it is impossible to make a cheaper bike, even to sell more.

“Creating lightweight smart bikes in France, made in France and affordable. With or without SEB, this is impossible!” says Mark Simoncini, reminding that the price of an electric bicycle is comparable to the price of a car.

But above all, this price, which is considered high, is a “made in France” price. The Sport model costs €2,740 and the Cruiser costs €2,990.

“By making it in France, our frame costs eight times more than our competitor’s frame, which is made in Asia. We can’t even pass on the extra costs, otherwise it would cost €8,000. Made in France is a difficult equation in this industry.”

In two years, the small cycle startup sold 5,000 copies in France.

Pauline Ducamp and Pascal Samama

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