Here’s how to find a gas station near you

Here's how to find a gas station near you

Sometimes you have to drive several kilometers before you find a pump that has been filled with fuel for the last few days. Just over 20% of French gas stations experienced problems with the supply of at least one type of fuel at midday on Saturday 8 October, according to figures from the Ministry of Energy. This means that “79% of stations are working normally”, Minister Agnes Panier-Runacher reminded. Here’s how to find outlets near you that carry diesel and unleaded fuel.

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Several interactive maps are free to use and regularly updated. Among them is the one published by the government on the website, which allows motorists to search for a point of sale by various criteria (fuel type, brand, department or municipality).

Screenshot of October 9, 2022 (PRIX-CARBURANTS.GOUV.FR)

In addition to this state map, the site map has been restored. It is updated using user-submitted data and allows you to search across the city to see what fuel is out of stock at various service stations.

Screenshot October 9, 2022 (SHORTAGE.MON-ESSENCE.FR)

Finally, for those who prefer stations in the TotalEnergies network, the group has published a map listing all its sites in France and around the world, as well as displayingprices appear and availability of fuel. LThe French firm clarifies that it is “updated regularly”. For each point of sale, the date of the last update of the information is reported.

For those who prefer to use the mobile app, similar services are also available. Like Waze, a GPS app that provides information updated by its users. Since September 27, when the refinery strike began, we’ve seen a 33% increase in daily viewership over the past three weeks, peaking at 59% on October 3.”details on Friday Jérôme Marty, director of Waze France, on BFMTV.

The Gasoil Now, Essence & Co and Gaspal apps available on iPhone and Android can also be useful. The first two offer to find and compare prices for all types of fuel at the specified STAs. They combine official state map data and user reports. Gaspal works on the same principle, but only on the basis of messages from private individuals.

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