Discover the 6 details you should check every month on your electricity bill!


In recent months, energy prices have soared. Electricity too become more expensive. Most likely this winterbe difficult for the French because their electricity consumption will increase.

The government put in place tariff shield for 2022 and 2023. But this help will only be temporary. Then, at some point, you have to cope.

Minister of Economy assures us that rising electricity prices can be contained. Still, it’s time to adopt good habits regarding yours electricity bill. Here are some explanations.

Pay attention to these 6 elements of your electricity bill

in Electricity bill template varies from supplier to supplier. But you will often find the same information there. Indeed there is a decree that obliges suppliers to mention specific subjects.

You will find Your personal informationthose of the supplier technical data of the contractyour power consumptionetc. In order to control your power consumptionyou need to look at the following data about your electricity bill :

The cost of a unit of electricity.

This information is expressed in kWh on your electricity bill. This unit price makes it possible to know the evolution of the cost of electricity.

The cost of your subscription

Regardless of your electricity consumption, your bill will depend on your subscription from your energy supplier.

The rate you choose

It’s a part of you will checkfor example, if you are doing well at the base rate or by peak/off-peak speed.

The power of the meter is subscribed to the subscription

The higher the power of the meterthe higher your subscription.

Invoicing of contributions and taxes on electricity

This is :

  • Tariff fee for transmission of electric energy (CTA).
  • Contribution to the utility service of electricity (CSPE).
  • Tax on final consumption of electricity (TFCE).


Two types VAT included in Art calculation of the amount which you will have to pay. This is :

  • VAT 5.5%. for the price CTA and your subscription.
  • VAT 20%. for the price CSPEwith TFCE and price per kWh.

What are you really paying on your electricity bill?

Quantityelectricity bill depends on two parameters:

  • Fixed part which depends on your subscription,
  • variable part that depends on the power consumption.

In accordance with Regulation of energy consumption (RES)the price you will have to pay corresponds to:

  • 35% of the electricity supply : this amount, paid to suppliercovers its commercial management, production costs and its electricity purchases. This price is not the same for every supplier.
  • 34% on taxes and contributions : they are collected by the supplier and paid by the government.
  • 31% for routing and network usage : government agencies set this rate. This amount must be paid to him by the supplier.

You can estimate your bill amount with the help of the tools of online simulator. But you can too estimate the daily consumption of your equipment using the following formula:

Daily use x number of days in a year x power / 1000.

How do I dispute my electricity bill?

You are faced with electricity bill what do you think is abnormal? If you are sure thatit is not a change due to new consumption habits, check the following :

  • A damaged electrical appliance and become more energy-intensive.
  • A payment error from your supplier
  • one torising prices electricity from your supplier
  • A counter problem (at Enedis expense if the problem is proven, otherwise it is your responsibility).
  • A meter fraud : a third party is stealing your electricity.

You can too contact support directly vendor is displayed on the front panel your electricity bill.

You will find it there important data for example, his address (e-mail, postal), hours of operation, his phone number (without extra charge) for repairs or complaints. This service will be able to find the source of the problem.

But if you are not satisfied with the proposed solutionyou can send a order letter with supporting documents by mail to the domestic service.

Supplier response and actions must occur within 2 months of application. But if nothing happens after this period, you can contact an energy broker. He will organize an official reconciliation.

How to reduce the amount of the electricity bill?

To cope with inflationthe government promised energy vouchers to help those in greatest difficulty pay energy bills. However, ADEME advised eco-actions to optimize electricity consumption. They recommend:

  • Reduce the heating temperature by 1°C to save 7% energy.
  • Cover pots and pans during cooking so that the food cooks faster.
  • Defrost the refrigerator.
  • Turn off devices in standby mode to save 10% power.
  • Wash clothes at a low temperature (30°C instead of 90°C) for divide by three machine consumption.
  • Put the dishwasher in eco mode save to 45% power consumption.
  • Use LED bulbs
  • Carry out energy restoration if you can afford it.
  • Replace your current electrical equipment for more energy efficient equipment. Choose the ones that are classified A, A+, A++ or A+++.


But you can too switch to a cheaper electricity supplier. Depending on the case, the price difference can range from From 15 to 200 euros. An online tool offered by the company National Energy Ombudsman exists to compare all electricity offers.

Some providers offer test the simulator to find out the amount of your electricity bill. But even if you change supplieryou must not see power outages.

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