Fuel shortage: ‘Provided lockout ends’, TotalEnergies agrees to wage talks from October

Fuel shortage: 'Provided lockout ends', TotalEnergies agrees to wage talks from October

The management of Totalenergies proposes to move the mandatory annual negotiations to October, subject to the end of the blocking of deposits, can be read in a press release published by the group this Sunday, October 9.

TotalEnergies is breaking the silence. As the strike at several refineries resumes this Sunday, October 9, Eric Cellini, CGT coordinator at TotalEnergies, highlighted the “lack of response from general management” in columns Paris to excuse constipation.

The oil group responded in a press release issued on Sunday. “Subject to the termination of deposit blocking and the consent of all social partners, the Company offers provide for mandatory annual negotiations in October which was scheduled for November,” we can read in particular.

A 10% raise is required.

“These negotiations will determine how By the end of the year, employees will be able to benefit from the exceptional results achieved by TotalEnergies, as well as taking into account inflation for 2022, advance management. TotalEnergies wants all employees to be prioritized in the allocation of value and fairly rewarded for their efforts in their pay slips by the end of the year.”

The company clarifies that employees have already benefited from an average salary increase of 3.5% in 2022, as well as an average profit distribution of €9,108. The CGT told Reuters it would consult with staff on the proposal to decide whether to go ahead with the move.

Tension this weekend

We remind you that TotalEnergies and ExxonMobilUnions first demand 10% wage increase factoring in inflation and rising costs of living as the French energy group makes record profits.

Supply pressures remained high in France this weekend, with almost 30% of petrol stations facing difficulties in supplying at least one type of fuel this Sunday (29.7%) in order to fuel themselves, according to the Energy Ministry. leading to long queues of motorists outside the stations which are still open. The situation in Haute-de-France and Ile-de-France was particularly difficult.

It now remains to be seen whether this extended hand will allow TotalEnergies to quickly return to normal at the stations.

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