SNCF: why are prices so high at the TGV bar?

SNCF: why are prices so high at the TGV bar?

Starting this Thursday, October 6, the TGV bar carriages will be opening a new menu created by the famous chef Thierry Marx. Enough to attract travelers who have largely shied away from the service?

Spelled risotto, pumpkin, chestnuts and pickled mushrooms, stewed carrots, turnips and melted beef… SNCF decided to put the dishes in large dishes and call the famous chef Thierry Marx as the new car guard – the TGV bar.

What will tempt more travelers, who according to 20 Minutes 80% shun the service? Not sure since the bar rates are so high.

With dishes selling for €10 on their own and €15 combined, with a drink and dessert, it’s hard to find an economical option to eat on the TGV.

12 million customers per year

French television, which notes that the cheapest sandwich now costs €6.70, shows that the cheapest catering offer has increased by 91% in 10 years, while the most economical formula has increased by 76%.

“The plate may seem expensive, but you have to understand all the logistics and handling required to offer a plate at 365 km/h on a train,” says Marc Starke, vice president of Newrest, who was interviewed by our colleagues. ..

SNCF also points out that while it feeds 12 million passengers every year, this service does not bring it any profit and leads to losses of millions of euros every year.

A new card can help attract new subscribers and reverse the trend. According to 20 Minutes, the croque-messier is currently the best-selling product in the bar car. Far from the fine dining of Thierry Marx.

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